More Musings in March

I’ve been very busy lately. I still try to find time to feed spiritually from sources I’ve discerned to be the “meat of the Word”.One of these is YouTube’s Now You See TV channel. They always have very interesting guests, and top notch informative topics of discussion. Recent guests have included Dr. William Schnoebelen, Tim Alberino, Dr. Michael Lake and Mary Lou Lake, Gary Wayne, David Carrico, and more.

I didn’t know about Gary Wayne previously, but having watched the show with him on, I learned a great deal. His website is genesis6conspiracy and Gary has read widely including 1 Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, Epic of Gilgamesh, etc in order to research all the background on topics in scripture that he’s applied himself diligently that he might inform the body of believers and any who care to learn.

I went back and read again some material on the Hebrew cultural referenced in the scriptures in order to better comprehend the contexts of important concepts contained in scripture. It brought to mind again what I’d read in previous reading of the books. One is that the first 5 books, the Torah, aka books of Moses, are in the form of a Hebrew marriage contract wherein YHWH outlines the requirements He expects of the Bride, (in the OT it was a people, but even there non Hebrews could enter by following the procedures) and what He as the groom will perform as His part in the marriage. Of course it was also to show that in the carnal man, no one can fully keep His Torah (marriage requirements), as they continually commit spiritual adultery by not keeping adhering to “you shall not have any other gods before Me’. Man is continually relegating Him to the back seat so to speak, adn thus putting other gods ahead of Him.

YHWH had created laws / procedures / requirements to deal with adultery. These included

a) the groom could put the unfaithful betrothed away – like Joseph thought to do with Mary til he was commanded not to do so

b) he could have her brought up before the people and the Levites to declare her unfaithful – thereupon placing her under the death penatly

c) the other option I recall, is he could offer to pay the price for her unfaithfulness by giving his own life

Do you begin to see how this ties in with His plan to redeem a Bride for His Son? Obviously to reconcile us to Himself and to His Son as Bride, His only begotten Son (the Groom) chose option “c” above.

Another instance is that of “Behold I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear my voice, open the door and invite me in …”

The groom and his father would go to the house of the bride and her father to commence the marriage contract negotiations. They would knock at the door. The bride’s father would check with her as to whether or not she wanted to proceed, and when she agreed, woud then open the door, invite the groom and his dad in, and they would have ameal (sup) together.This is a shortened version of the procedure.

A third instance, is that of “I came not to abolish / destroy the law, but to fulfill it”.

Yeshua trained under Caiaphas as part of his youthful education. He was quite familiar with rabbinical debate / discussion / apologetical procedure. If during debate between 2 rabbis, of interpretaiton of scripture, one disagreed with the other, believing he was committing error which negated the Law (Torah), he would exclaim, “You’re destroying / abolishing the Law!”. If the other felt instead, that he was expanding the interpretation by adding fuller meaning, he would reply, “I’m not destroying / abolishing the Law, I’m fulfilling it”.

Yeshua then went on to use an example of how He was expanding the message of the Torah. He said, “you’ve heard it said, YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, but I say unto you that whoever looks upon another with lust had already commtted adultery in his/ her heart”. He was bringing another scriptural tenet into the commandment in that we’re told that “Man looks on the outward appearance, but YHWH looks upon the heart.”.

The book which explains a lot of this and more, is by Adam Spears and John Klein, titled, “Devils, Demons, and the Return of the Nephilim”. I would also recommend the book about the difficult sayings of Jesus by David Biven (?).


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