Little Prince

It’s stories like this when shared that remind us of a couple of things. One, that the Father wants to refine us like pure gold, getting rid of the impurities little by little, line upon line, precept upon precept, by the washing of the Word, as we allow our minds to be transformed. Two, that He wants us to come to Him like that little prince Ofir, as a child, with trust in Him believing that He has our best interests at heart.

Ginny Brooks

I assist at a school that is somewhat international with quite a few nationalities represented.  There are many children from Japan, different parts of Europe, South Africa and all over Asia.  There is one little boy from Israel who is around 3.  I haven’t seen much reaction from him as far as speech is concerned and he can sometimes drift into what seems to be him coping with feeling very uncomfortable; and goes into almost a trance state. I have never seen a child exhibit this type of behavior, and it has had been concerned more than a dozen times now.  Today was somewhat rambunctious and outfitted with about every mood among the children. This little boy in particular was triggered into a very unsettling state and was moaning with a low murmur and drooling incessantly all over himself for well over and hour, into two.  I took it upon…

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