Let Not The Giants Live Again – A Best-Taylor Update

Isaiah 13 (in the Septuagint) does say the giants will be unleashed




Antarctica Update, Wars & Rumors Of War, Trump Executive Orders & More


Unverified but most likely true are reports coming out of Antarctica concerning a possible BREAK OUT of giant entities who have escaped, bringing to mind the Isaiah statement of giants returning, and as Jesus stated, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, so shall it be again”. Are we going to witness huge entities as they had back in the days of Noah? While government denies any such knowledge, they constantly confiscate the remains of giants dug up, never to be seen again. Israel is on a war footing, it seems, as the world descends into total chaos. Trump’s speech to Congress shows how the communist left has no respect whatsoever for the Constitution, the people of America, or those in need of help. A house divided cannot stand, it…

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