Musings Feb. 2017

So here we are at the middle of the second month (Roman calendar) of 2017 (Roman calendar) and to say the last month of so has been chaotic is an understatement.

I t seems the loony left, which I so designate due to their completely irrational behaviour, becoming totally unhinged, because they didn’t get their way in November, has decided that their above the law, that they take out their tantrums in public by destroying public property, people’s reputations, by spreading falsehoods, or any other means they so choose because for them and their puppet masters, Soros included, the end justifies the means. Think for one minute what the reaction would’ve been if the “right” had behaved like that because they didn’t get their way in 2 elections where the commie organiser was elected. Rosie took aim at Trump’s youngest son, and left loony social media jumped all over it excited to shoot arrows of slander, hate, and sheer vitriol at the president. Now, some of them are openly calling for assassination. They at the instruction of the former prez, and the organised well co ordinated neo Marxist , atheistic, Islamic, homosexual, etc groups are impeding the function of he govt  – oh and they also are calling for impeachment – ON WHAT GROUNDS?  Not getting what you want is not grounds. Didn’t the Rolling Stones sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”?

Believers / followers of Yeshua, should be interceding in prayer daily, and seeking to learn how to war in the spirit against the forces of evil / darkness and their agenda.

On another note, I’ve been thinking on, with the aid of the Ruach Ha Kodesh, passages like 1 Cor 13, 1 John, Galatians, and more. I thought about how most people talk about the fruits (plural) of the Spirit. In scripture, the word is “fruit” (singular). Thus it’s saying The fruit that Spirit (who is to lead us into all truth) is to bring forth in us, is One just as He’s One but manifests in several ways. Thus the love, joy, peace, temperance, longsuffering, etc, is to be grown and ripened in us, as one fruit – CHARACTER. In 1 John he wrote that if anyone claims to be of Yeshua ha Moschiach and thus adopted in the family of the Father by the Spirit of adoption, then they SHOULD WALK EVEN AS HE WALKED in His incarnation.

In the Gospel of John, Yeshua is quoted many times as saying “I only say what My Father tells me to say”, and “I only do the things My Father tells me to do” – thus He walked in obedience to the Father and the Father’s Torah.

So til next time ponder this.


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