The Zohar: Doctrine of Demons

indeed this book is half truths and lies and we do well to not pay it heed


Supposed “believers” in our Christian community, need to quit embracing this EVIL and DANGEROUS Book! These writings need to stop being viewed as relevant prophecies “coming to pass.”

Believers need to immediately cease, touting this book as “inspired”…. OR deeming this demonically influenced, (if not possessed) author, of those blasphemous scribblings, as some type of prophet, inspired by YHWH.

Children of YHWH should know better. Those who embrace a book of half truths and blasphemies of this pustulous filth, oozing with evil; need to be SLAPPED UPSIDE THE HEAD!

Please pray up, before, during, and after this video.  You will hear about the Zohar, from a Kabbalist’s perspective:

What are Christians thinking???? Are they really going to get divine revelation, from this pile of rotten dung???

The last time I checked……….prophets and teachers, that claimed to have a “word” or prophecy from the Father, and/or enticed others to follow “false…

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