Does Israel Actually Exist?

I intend to check out this Kolbrin book

abdiyah elyon

Does the seed of Abraham, Issac, and, Jacob actually exist? Some hold it not to be true just because, through the journey of translation and re-canonization, the bible has been misinterpreted through the translators lacking the same mindset of the original writers. Multiply this notion for every other translation built on another translation and you get many books not possessing the same concrete meanings as the original. If the translations must be wrong, then the original must be wrong and fictitious too, right? Not so if they are copies in the original language still available.

What is healthy to do in respects of the bible and the history pertained to within is to locate outside parallel sources of corresponding events.

One source that has been available for some time is the Egyptian Text of the Bronze Book, specifically the Book of Manuscripts. I encourage you to read it and draw…

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