How the Jesuit Order may attempt to assassinate Donald Trump and how the CIA/NSA may be involved

Again, I don’t normally blog about this except maybe in passing, but it’s so important I am doing so and have also posted on my google plus, twitter. It was written by Abbe Leone and is free online in pdf

Reptilian Dimension

Jesuits1 Jesuit Order

Those who have read my previous articles relating to the CIA, will clearly observe that this intelligence agency and others are controlled by the Jesuit Order. The CIA has been controlled by the Vatican Knights of Malta since its inception. A majority of CIA directors have been Knights of Malta. The Knights of Malta are controlled by the Jesuit Order who also control the Vatican. The Jesuit General is known as the black Pope and true ruler of the Vatican. Former CIA acting station chief, E Howard Hunt, has described the Jesuit Order as the greatest intelligence agency in the world.

If Donald Trump is not a president elect under Jesuit control then he is definitely in danger. There are a number of ways the Jesuits can assassinate him. They can use their MK-ULTRA CIA assassins. These assassins are under sophisticated mind control, and the Jesuits can use…

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