MS Fake Media Attack PewDiePie With Ad Hominims Because He Has Bigger Influence Than Them!

not enough can be said to point out the lamestream (main stream) media long ago sold their souls so to speak

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PewDiePie continues with the RedPills against Fake News! Let’s show this PewDiePede some of our support!
It was fabulous. That young man is learning the hard truths of this world quick. He seems to be handling this with honor and humor. I would be terrified if I was the dying MSM.


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Giant Mummies Found in Brewers Cave. The Untold Story! Another “Academic” Cover Up! VDO

more evidence that Smithsonian in conjunction with elites is suppressing proof that giants were in North America. Reminds me of Yeshua showing Tim Bence (info posted at that giants inhavited Jekyll Island

Ancient Patriarchs

giantswhoweretheyThis video is about a Nephilim tomb of giant mummies with ancient records on metal plates that John Brewer found in the 1950’s. A few people have heard the stories about John Brewer and his ancient finds in Central Utah but they haven’t heard these stories.

Utahna Jessop shares in this lecture what happened to Brewers Cave, what is still in the cave and the research that has been done to re-gain entrance into the cave. She also shares stories of other similar finds of ancient records and artifacts that were inside the tombs of where these giant mummies have been found and then suppressed. To learn more about the red haired giants of Brewers cave visit our forum at:
The paintings of the Male and Female giants was done by Trisyla Brewer, the grand daughter of John Brewer. She also did a painting of the inside of the…

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My wife forwarded me a link whih will be included in these ruminations, that I considered unusual for her, because she doesn’t follow infowars, as a rule, nor is she political much. She is more interested in subjects like end times events, info related to the nephilim, giants, other hybrid life forms that are probably linked to the subject of nephilim hybrids, and current atmospheric, earth & oceans trends. After I watched the video linked to I forwarded it to various others, with my “take” on it.  Here’s my comments:

for sure this is thought provoking – I believe it’s because of his speaking truth like this, along with others like Mike Adams the Health Ranger speaking truth about health issues – that has brought the big guns to bear on them – ie State Dept, CIA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, WaPo, NYT, LAT, not to forget names like Soros, Rockefeller, Morgan, and the other globalist elite illuminati families. Rockefeller owns and / or controls Big Pharma, energy, etc, Morgan (tho subservient to the biggest financial power family, Rothschild and working in concert with them – Goldman family & Sachs family both are offshoots of Rotchschild family as well) basically control banking, finance, economies, etc – I find it interesting to say the least that when someone who was average or poor, becomes uber rich . like Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, for example, all of a sudden they’re brought in to the “globalist club” of ultra rich seeking to not only preserve their extreme wealth acculmulation at present but funnel as much as possible of any being created into their own pockets. Thus they’re the greedy capitalist corporate fascists. Neither capitalism (in its present fascist form especially wherein govt and corporations are joiined at the hip so to speak), nor socialism in any of its forms (fascism, communism) are the best system for everyone, But, the present fascist corporatist elites like the names above, would institute a global govt by them and proceed to institute their agenda as outlined on the Georgia Guidestones, ie reduce by 90+% world population for one, and live the life of uber rich kings, with the remaining populace locked into a Orwellian socialist / communist / fascist tyranny of oppression and poverty.
This totally fits the nature of fallen humanity, who manifest as Yeshua pointed out in His time on earth, the character of their father, the devil, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning, and when he lies he’s actually manifesting his “truth” because he doesn’t possess any real truth in him. It’s just that those names mentioned above, have much more to “play with” in order to fulfil their evil desires / agenda.
The sad thing is that as Paul pointed out that most people are oblivious to dimension(s) unseen by them, wherein a great spiritual war rages. There’s much I could say but will save.


Further thoughtsFeb. 2017

I came across some notes I’d made in conversation with a fairly knowledgeable man regarding common law / the system etc. I decided to address them one at a time.

“Don’t ask question(s) you don’t know the answer to because how you would know if the answer you get is deceptive or you’re being lied to”.

To this I would say that depends on to whom the question is being asked. If we seek truthful answers, and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth as He was sent to do, and provide us with a true answer, I don’t believe we would get a false or lying answer from Him.

We do have a duty no matter to whom the question(s) are addressed, to be Berean like and search the scriptures as we ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to the answer.  Thus if we ask someone other than the Father via the Spirit, we need to weigh:

-how well do we know the one to whom we’re seeking an aswer meaning how well do we know their character, and also on what basis are we asking them (do we know that they are likley to know the answer and it will be correct and truthful). Again we still need to be Berean.

I do agree that much of the terminology associated with the present day matrix (Babylon of Commerce) is replete with electrical references. Remember the courts are commercial unless one knows how to invoke common law / inherent jurisdiction. Thus we have terms related to legal and commercial system like deposition (deposit + ion),  current account, or charge card to name a few.Take the charge card – it’s given with a currency value (charge) which some is being discharged every time it’s used. When payment is made in the usual manner, then more $ charge is available to discharge again.

Next “never answer for another and know when to NOT answer for YOU – no one went to jail for what they didn’t answer”. Well this is good common sense EXCEPT if by not answering you’re being deemed to obstruct justice or the execution of a Crown officer in his / her duties. So I guess it boils down to the key words “know when”.

Gold being obtained from the earth, soil, can be said to represent “land” as opposed to the admiralty / maritime / sea of commerce jurisdiction. So a gold sovereign is said when worn on one’s body (ie necklace chain) to represent property, and subsequently, “don’t trespass on my property” ( including one’s body). Somehow I was told it represents counter insurgency. My comment: I don’t know enough about this subject to ascertain whether it’s true and correct so I have to reserve judgment.

A comment was made regarding your PERSON (legal construct of the government as a commercial entity) being related to the Latin PERSONA. This relates to actors who would change masks to portray different characters, so I would say yes, it means to mask something / someone. Related to this is the term “theatre of war” which indicates that war is staged, with PERSONS executing the OFFICE  in the state of MILITARY OFFICE and without knowing it they’re being DIRECTED  by those who direct, as if it’s a theatrical production. I would have no problem agreeing with that assessment.

In scripture, we’re told that when people are deceptive in their dealings with us, when they lie or spread falsehoods,  masked as true, spiritual, good, people, we should not be surprised because these as PERSON(A)S are doing the same as their DIRECTOR  the devil does, “no wonder for even Satan can manifest himself as an angel of light” which of course he isn’t.