Transparency, An Apology And Going Forward Into 2017

I like this complete transparency and honesty our sister manifests. I applaud the Words of our Father YHVH by His Spirit concerning HOW she was to meet the enemy in battle and disarm him completely


bible-magnifying-glass-02                             By Joanie Stahl- January 2nd 2017

First I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  Next, the common thing is to examine our previous year through the lens of the Holy Spirit.  To me it feels as if I have passed through a year of my sojourning here on earth, and I picture myself standing on a very high precipice I finally climbed up to reaching the end of a journey thus far.  

It is as if I am looking over a vast expanse of land looking at all the places I was, taking it in, and can see why I stumbled here and there, and can point to detours, battlegrounds and victories.  I scan the topography and see where on one or two occasions I rested beside the still waters, and…

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