The Shadow Government?

L A shares some disconcerting info re Paul Begley, and great interview with John B Wells

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It isn’t just that Donald Trump routinely thumbs his nose at the establishment, insults media figures he sees as unfair and bucks conventional wisdom.

It is that President-elect Trump is defying the will of the deep state, military industrial complex base of ultimate power in the United States. That is why he is treading dangerous waters, and risks the fate of JFK.

I have stated numerous times on this blog that JFK was assassinated by a shadow government and that this nefarious, and seemingly invisible entity continues to control the USA from behind the scenes.
Think about this. Obama promised to bring our troops back from Afghanistan. This was one of his campaign promises in 2008. Did that happen? No.
He also promised to close “gizmo.” Did that happen? Of course not.
The 2016 election was always supposed to be between the…

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Uplifting Sharing Interview

I just finished watching an episode on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural tv show, online, that moved me powerfully. Ana Werner is a seer who shares some of her experiences and testimony but she also gives some pointers on how to grow into seer type abilities. Not all believers are seers, ie ministry of seership, but the Father wants all believers to experience and see as He opens their spiritual eyes in order to lead them into a more intimate relationship and also to help them experience what Paul wrote in Ephesians 1 wherein he prayed that Father would give to us His Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of God, and of His surpassing greatness of power to them that believe as shown by His resurrection of Yahshua from the dead.

At any rate here’s the link Ana Werner

Former Illuminati Victim Testimony Interview by Michael Basham

to complement this watch


Praise God, no matter what he can deliver us from teleporting Illuminati garbage people to evil Satanic cult members and even shape shifting alien cat hybrids! Please pray for ASPEN!

This interview goes reeeeeeeaaaaaal down the rabbit hole! Aspen is now saved and spoke with Sheila Zilinski, Steve Quayle, and the InfoWars crew after leaving the Illuminati Super Soldier Victim Program.

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Transparency, An Apology And Going Forward Into 2017

I like this complete transparency and honesty our sister manifests. I applaud the Words of our Father YHVH by His Spirit concerning HOW she was to meet the enemy in battle and disarm him completely


bible-magnifying-glass-02                             By Joanie Stahl- January 2nd 2017

First I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  Next, the common thing is to examine our previous year through the lens of the Holy Spirit.  To me it feels as if I have passed through a year of my sojourning here on earth, and I picture myself standing on a very high precipice I finally climbed up to reaching the end of a journey thus far.  

It is as if I am looking over a vast expanse of land looking at all the places I was, taking it in, and can see why I stumbled here and there, and can point to detours, battlegrounds and victories.  I scan the topography and see where on one or two occasions I rested beside the still waters, and…

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