Further Musings Kislev 1

Well today begins the 9th Biblical month Kislev (once the sun goes down Nov 20) and some say it’s the year 5777 others 6017. I am well aware of my shortcomings in my walk with ADONAI YAHSHUA but I seek His aid in changing me to be rid of them and be pleasing to Him and my Papa YAHWEH.

As we look at the chaos reigning more and more, we’re reminded that the evil elite of the world subscribe to the motto Ordo Ab Chao – which means Order out of (from) Chaos. As part of their Hegelian Dialectic they use chaos, conflict, etc to advance their march to their much desired NWO (New World Order) which they envision as one with them at the top and the rest of us (that they don’t kill off per their population reduction aims) as their slaves in a totaltiarian order. They ‘ve indoctrinated several generations, through the “educational” system, through control of all the mainstream media (feeding the masses only what they deem should be disseminated) and through control of culture (just think of all the “Illuminati wannbes” like Katy Perry, Madonna, Kanye, and then think of all those in influential posts of government for instance, who’re “spirit cooking” and taking part in occult Pizzagate rituals of pedophilia and much worse.  Most of the people are zombies in an induced lethargic state or stupor, stumbling thru the days, not questioning why things are the way they are, why what happens happens, etc. People today seem to be infantile in that they want to have someone feed them their opinions, tell them what / how to think about issues, etc, instead of doing any heavy lifting so to speak in order to think for themselves after sifting the information researched. Your brain is much the same as a muscle in certain ways, one of which is, if you don’t exercise it, then it atrophies somewhat.

I was reading a book that over more than 40 years, has blest me considerably by a man who many considered a modern saint. It’s called “Manifest Victory” by J Rufus Moseley.

He shares his testimony of how he learned to abide in the Vine, after years of as he puts it, “coming in and going out” of that blessed intimacy with Jesus / Yahshua. Every page is alive with the Spirit of God which comes as no surprise as those who knew him well, said he was the most alive man they ever met. One observation I shared with a friend today, that J R made was that Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” with the focus on that last one, LIFE. He said that we must remember that Jesus conducted no funerals, and in His presence no one remained dead. He raised the dead.

He also shared that intimacy with the Father through Jesus and the Spirit of God dwelling in someone, is the pearl of great price that one would be wise to get rid of all that blocks oneself from having it. I ask for myself, and all who read this, that He would help us to experience this pearl so greatly that we would gladly shed whatever it takes to remain in Him to that degree.


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