081-Amir Tsarfati – Israel – Syria – NWO – Russia – Bible Prophecy Update-Amazing Info!

I believe this fellow to be one of the most credible when he addresses current issues in the MidEast


Episode 081 of The A mInute to Midnite Show. Amir Tsarfati joins Tony from Israel to discuss what is happening in the Middle East as we see Bible Prophecy unfolding. This interview begins with a discussion on the conflict in Syria – including the use of chemical weapons there in the past 48 hours. Questions such as; what role is Russia playing? Why is Putin so concerned with Syria and the Middle East as well as Europe? These are delved into by Amir. From there talk moves to discussions around Israel, the role of the Rothschilds’, The Illuminati, Barrack Obama’s last weeks in office, Donald Trump’s upcoming potential involvement, and The United Nations bid to divide Jerusalem. The subject of a third Temple is broached, and with it Amir gives his thoughts on the newly formed Sanhedrin, The Temple Institute and the role of misguided Christians who support this.


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