Further Musings June 2016

I thought today I’d share with you some recent (since the last post) developments. I’ve been led to focus on several key areas. One of these areas is deception. We are quite often warned against being deceived because the fact of the matter is that we’re engaged in a spiritual war with the unseen (usually) forces of the arch enemy of mankind, Satan. He doesn’t care whether we believe that or not, in fact he prefers we don’t, and that we don’t actively participate in the mandate Yeshua gave us in the scriptures. That mandate was the same as His, “the Spirit of Yahweh is upon Me, to heal, set free the captives (of sin and Satan) and destroy the works of the enemy”. He told us that we would be empowered by the Spirit of Yahweh, the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit), to do His work as He has ascended back to His Father, and our Father.To this end I highly recommend the good resources at sites like KIB, WOA, the Dr. Preston Bailey interview with Alexander Backman, skywatchtv.com, L A Marzulli’s site, and YouTube interviews with Henry Gruver the prayer walker, to name some. I read Dennis Callen’s book “They’re Coming …Before The Rapture” and found it to be extremely valuable in identifying deception and confronting it in spiritual warfare. At Dr. Mike Lake and Mary Lake’s site kingdom intelligence briefing, they have excellent prayers in the resources section to pray and confess each day to be healed, delivered from all power of the enemy, and strengthened in your daily walk with Yeshua.

The Praying Medic has an excellent book to help learn how to see in the spirit, called, “Seeing In The Spirit Made Simple”.  He posits that whilst some have a gift wherein they’re gifted by God to do so, to minister as prophets, etc, the ability to see in the spirit can be taught/ learned but this doesn’t mean everyone will be called to the ministry of being a prophet. Remember what Moses said to those who came to him concerned that some “outside the camp” were prophesying, he said, “I wish all the people of Yahweh would prophesy”. He wasn’t jealous, or worreid about God’s “honour” or angry that those who hadn’t specifically been brought into the inner circle were speaking forth the words of the Most High God, he was happy and wished all were doing so., that all were in the place with God that He could speak thru them.

There are so many things I could discuss, but some will haveto wait til another day.I have been going back, and re reading Mary Croft’s online book, in pdf, called “How I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscatory Agency Known To Man” or words to that effect. I downloaded it from GOODF, and printed it out. I’ve been highlighting parts as I read. I’d recommend if one reads it, to bypass part 1 at first, and go directly to part 2 “How It Happened” I believe is the title, and there you will learn of the fulfillment of Revelation 18 especially the first 13 verses, concerning the end times Babylon of commerce, and pay heed to the last item being bought and sold, which is, “the bodies and souls of men (mankind)”.

This is confirmed by Jesus / Yeshua as He speaks to Tim Bence at Jekyll Island. Tim had no idea why he was told to go there, until upon taking a tour the guide showed him paintings in the museum, of giants sacrificing babies upon a Canaanite altar of Baal, which took place before and for some time after, the arrival of the first Europeans. Jesus explains to Tim that even if He gave Tim the money to pay off all his “personal” debts, he would still be a debt slave of the government / global banksters Luciferian elite, because he’s a Federal Citizen, pledged against the “national debt”. Mary points out in her pdf, that all this is a giant scam being perpretrated / perpetuated, by the banksters, just like the game of monopoly, called ” COMMERCE” and that they control via central banks (ie Federal Reserve as one example) the continual amassing of debt. Three’s much more to what she writes, but suffice it to say, my nanna always told us, from the book of Proverbs, “the borrower is the servant to the lender” and Jesus added the lender will bind and enslave you til the last penny is paid (which due to their chicanery is NEVER). I think the remedies Mary as a non-Christian proposes, are a confirmation of what Jesus said when He said that the children of this world are wiser in the knowledge of its operarion and how to counter it, so I don’t think it remiss to suggest that we should be learning (but at the same time taking everything to God in prayer, and studying the scriptures) all that we can from whomever God has permitted to glean some knowledge. A big hint, is that because the god of this world, whom the Powers That Be, (elites, banksters, illuminait, etc) worship, is an expert counterfeiter, who knows the scriptures, the operation of heaven’s administration (of which he was chief), and knows how to twist it all by taking some truth and mixing it with a lot of lie, that it behooves all to study the scriptures asking God to enlighten His principles of operation, and His remedy for it’s His desire that we tear down all strongholds of the devil and his forces.

Well, sufficient for today, is the above, and hopefully I’ll get to sharing more soon. “May Yahweh bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you, and give you peace”