Musings 1st Quarter 2016

I’ve had a busy quarter from New Year’s Day til almost the end of March this year (2016). The arrival of 2 new grandchildren whom I plan to visit in Calgary soon was a blessing from Yahuwah to our family for which we give thanks. I’ve also been apporached by others who have become interested in eschatology. amd want to learn how present impacts hurtling the world to a precipice over which looms world war 3 and much more evil, bing planned by the satanic elites, because these others have woke up and realise things are much closer to the imminent return of our ADONAI Yahushuah Ha Moschiach, aka LORD Jesus Christ.

In that regard I just finished an excellent book which I learned of from a youtube video my wife came across and recommended to me, by Dennis Callen, called, “They’re Coming …Before The Rapture” wherein he exposes much of the truth surrounding aliens, alien abduction, etc. Much of it was not new to me, having read David Ruffino’s Holy Spirit inspired book, Alien Abduction Phenomenon – How It Starts, and How It Stops  or something much like that.What I gleaned from Dennis, via this book, was how this fits in with the end times delusion which comes upon the majority on the earth, because they “loved not the truth, so Yahuwah allowed them to be given over to strong delusion” per the Apostle Paul.

I already had listened to fellow believers like Dr. Tom Horn, L A Marzulli, Cris Putnam, Timothy Alberino, and Tim Bench,  explaining much about what the strong delusion will be / is, and Dennis soldified their revelation.All I can say is that I’ve bought several copies of this book in order to distribute to others so that they too can be aware and share with those with whom they come into contact.

On another note, I really enjoyed the interview Alexander Backman did with Dr. Preston Bailey, in which much is revealed about angels (good and bad), and operations of such in the spirit dimensions along with their execution of their agenda via those who serve them on earth.

Regarding other investigations I’ve been doing, I really enjoyed Mary Elisabeth Croft’s pdf sharing how she was victorious over the various corporate entities, which have duped and enslaved the majority of us, because we never knew what the signifcance of what they did with the notification of our birth as people, after they processed the statement of live birth.

Bye for now hopefully will elavorate more soon.


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