You Gave Us The Power To Kill You, So What’s Your Problem?

Stew hit the nail on the head


A number of Bible codes are pointing to both the rapture of the Bride of Christ and an impact event in September of 2015, on or about the beginning of the coming Jubilee 7 year period. If they are right, this will be the final 7 years of mankind’s probation upon Earth. They also are consistently pointing out that Obama is the man of sin and evil. I am not saying they are right. Bible Codes used to “predict” the future are often wrong.

The rich men have risen up, just as prophecy said they would to accomplish their massive population reduction as found in Deuteronomy 28, Daniel, Revelation and James. They are the curse, they are the killers of the just because the American people refused the Bible admonitions. The American people gave the rich men the power to do that, so what is their problem now that it…

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Musings mid 2015

Firstly, I have not posted for sometime for various reasons, but  I am rectifying that today as several things piqued my interests lately.

I read a post by Chuck Baldwin today on wherein he shot straight and true in his assessment of where things stand for those who consider themselves sons / daughters of Yahuah by adoption thru the blood of His Son Yahusha. He wrote at Chuck’s Post of the step by step neutering of the church and Christians by the STATE. What he didn’t cover tho was that it goes much deeper than he outlined.

The whole birth registration thing, is the first step to slave of STATE status. I’ve addressed this before. That’s when they create birth certificate of a “artificial person” ie “Legal Person” which is not you but supposedly your “office” in govt regulated commerce. When anyone unknowingly signs for and assents to be, that “person” they’re subject to every statute of govt aka STATE. The same applies for “groups” ie churches for example. Once registered you are deemed subject to all whims and statutes of the STATE – and that is why even if an individual man or woman tries to resist STATE imposed decisions, because they’re registered (as LEGAL PERSON) by their assent to be such, they’re subject to STATE. This was further cemented by asking, receiving, and signing for a SIN / SSN. Christians will best understand this as following:

when one repents, turns to Jesus / Yahusha and receives forgiveness of sin(s), one is ADOPTED into the family of YAH as a son or daughter of YAHUAH the Father and siblings to Yahusah (Jesus). You are told you’ve passed from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Yahuah (light). Well the same thing happens in the world of STATE as controlled by Satan.

We’re all born in sin, and are members of the kingdom of darkness. Formerly tho, we had liberties as men and women insofar as STATE was concerned. Once they devised the registration system (including births) and birth certificate issuance began, we were still somewhat unencumbered til we reached and age wherein we submitted ourselves for adoption into the “family” of STATE by the request and acceptance of the SIN (Canada) or SSN (USA). The birth certificate was issued whilst you were still an infant, thus the legal person is always a “child” of the STATE. One needs to research until one by the Spirit of God is shown how to extricate oneself from the mess.

Secondly, I read an article at Walid Shoebat’s site about the sodomites kidnapping, brutally raping / torturing and then killing a 3 yr old. Firstly it related to events in Afghanistan, then in New Orleans. In the latter, over 1000 incidents of kidnap / rape/ torture etc and some murders, have occurred. This relates to what Chuck recounts in his analysis of how Christians said / did nothing over the last 60 yr or so, as step by step the evil one advanced his agenda so that now, a choice has to be made re to comply or not with STATE mandated homo marriage, and the LBGT agenda. If you’re registered, you will incur the wrath of the STATE by not complying.

Like Chuck quoted from Revelation, it’s time to repent, and go back and do the first works.