I don’t know about you, but I would like fresh spiritual food – that’s why I don’t go to church but seek it online, thru books, thru fellowship with like minded believers, and thru searching the scriptures

Tents of Issachar



Months ago, I had seen a vision flash of shelves in American stores. The food on the shelves had expiry dates on them. Later, I saw the shelves were now almost bare.

Today, as I was typing another Vision: AMERICA WANDERS, BUT WONDERSNOT just in it’s midst I was reminded of this vision flash again and again.

As this vision flash recurred, I stopped typing the above-mentioned vision, and thought to sit silently before the Lord and hear what I was to do with this vision flash.

As I sat silently, I saw that the expiry date on the food on the shelves had long expired. This food that remained on the shelves, could not now be eaten.

Then I was also reminded of another vision flash I had around 2 months ago.

This vision flash had recurred several times.

In that…

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Vision: The Walls of Cambodia

an admonition to believers to heed

Tents of Issachar

Vision: The Walls of Cambodia

16th March 2014

I saw this vision last week.

I saw a dusty compound in Cambodia. Men and women sat in their homes, and were separating grains.

It appeared that the rice, the wheat, and other grains, had become mixed.

The residents complained that thieves came in the night and not only stole their grains but also kicked the pile of grains they had worked so hard to separate.

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Well here we are ….

Now that it’s officially the first day of the new Julian / Gregorian calendar year, 2015, I pause to think of what transpired during the last one, and how accelerated God’s clock has become in just 365 days.

I believe this next 365 days will show increased anti-Yehovah (God) events / activities / stance, in the so called “Nations” of the world. The time draws near that the ancient, now modern also, mystery religion anticipates with bated breath, the dawning of their envisioned “Golden Age” which is also the NWO.

I am re reading a book I just finished the other day, “The Hiidden Secrets of the Labyrinth, – The Awakened Ones, The Secret Destiny of America, & The Day After Tomorrow” by Mark A Flynn, twin brother of the late genius, David Flynn.

He maps out the beginning, evolution, and hoped for agenda, of the ancient mystery religion in all its various forms, conceived by the Nachash, in his rebellion against Yehovah. It’s the only book I’ve read that explains and ties it all together l- especially how Nachash twisted the truth to enslave the creatures of dust, mankind, by deception he calls “illumination”.

It’s a challenging read at times as you try to keep track of all the different names in the various cultures / empires, that were the foundation of this edifice of false worship, and the modifications / twists given to them as each society amalgamated “deities” from others yet syncretising them with their pre existent ones.

The author is the first I’ve seen, address and plainly show, the Trojan horse nature of the founding of America, and the same for “currency” which now functions as a talisman of sorts.

It’s amazing that we as mankind, put “faith” into things we don’t even think about daily let alone question – such as currency.

His explanation of university / college graduation and its true meaning to those in the know, was new to me also. It made sensed though, that graduates are hod carriers, and that education today is vastly inferior to the classical education of antiquity with first the trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) as a foundation for the quadrivium (arithmetic/ math, astronomy, geometry, and music). This equipped those so educated with a sound foundation for thinking, philosophy, theology, analysis, scientific exploration, etc. This book also explains how geometry especially, became the means of understanding and concealing the mysteries.

Some other interesting observations – I learned about Fibonacci series and its relation to the “golden mean” as well as pi (3.14) and its relation to the curse of the Nachash in Genesis 3:14.

Finally to end discussion on this, I liked how Mark tied all together, including Blavatsky, Crowley, Pike, to show how much of it’s been incorporated into the Rosicrucian, / Freemason / Illuminati successor to these ancient mysteries with a bit of Templar thrown in.

Now, that we’ve embarked on 2015, a little over 3 months into 5775, it behooves us to be paying attention to what happens, proclamations that are made, trends developping, and to not be like those described in the NT aka Brit Chadashah, who got tired of waiting for their Lord to come, and fell asleep,or worse, decided to live as though it wouldn’t happen in their lifetime, so they might as well not devote much attention to it. There’s a reason Yeshua told us, “watch and pray that you don’t enter into tempation, for you know not what hour your Lord comes”.

I am thankful that Stewart’s wife Cindy, came through her very serious operation, with flying colours, that God ansered the prayers which ascended on her and Stew’s behalf.

There are not many today, who I assign much importance to, as to the nature and focus of their ministry, but Stewart, Cindy and their lightgate blogger staff are one. Don of Think Red Ink ministries is another. Alexander Backman, Mark Flynn, Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, Steve Quayle, and Wendy & those at GOD TV, are also on my list of those I monitor and pay close attention to – each one having a different ministerial focus, but all contribution much to shaking up the sleepers.

On another front, Karl Lentz is someone for whom I have the utmost respect, as he works so hard to bring understanding and useful information / tools, to those seeking to understand Common Law (God’s Law), and how to use it to free oneself from the Babylon / NWO/ Luciferian system of financial, political, legal, and economic control designed fraudulently, to enslave the unwitting populaces, into being pawns, serfs, “worker bees” to enrich the elite(s).

At any rate, enough for now. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you” because His mandate is that you will prosper AS YOUR SOUL PROSPERs.