VISION: Double Menorah Plane

greater is He that is you, than he that is in the world

Tents of Issachar

VISION: Double Menorah Plane

17th August 06

I saw a silver-bodied huge Plane, and on either side of the top of the Plane was a Menorah. This Plane was flying at a high altitude. The Double Menorah Plane came into direct confrontation with a plane with horns, and shark teeth on the body. This ugly looking plane was soon destroyed completely. The Double Menorah Plane was circling the globe and not waiting for it’s enemies to attack it, but rather, was out on the hunt to meet the enemies en route to it.

In this way, many ugly looking planes came in it’s path.

One plane had shaggy hair, very unkempt, I was reminded of the word, wild boar, and it had tusks. The Double Menorah Plane hit it head on and it vanished; simultaneously, various other planes came from all directions to attack/ destroy the Double Menorah Plane.


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