Late 2014 Musings

Well, here we are at the bring of another year’s end (ie Julian calendar year, not YHVH’s year). Much has happened over the past year and usually not for the better. I think of the abductions of the Israeli teens, and their murders, I think of the synagogue killings in Jerusalem, I think of the Ferguson mess in the US, the destruction of a once godly, free, prosperous country, (which I know is a corporation) the UNITED STATES, by a communist, homosexual, muslim, oriented president. No wonder I dub him Obola the virus in the White House.

In my own life I’ve had many ups and downs this year, and do find it frustrating that I seem to fall into the same traps every so often. I have been reading my Hebraic Roots Bible,(A Literal Translation) and asking Yehovah to aid me in becoming more victorious and formed more in to the image of His Son our blessed Messiah Yeshua.

I have learned some new things as well this year. Real colloidal (nano) silver, is God’s naturally provided agent for curing, preventing a host of things, including ebola. One caveat, know the source you get it from if you don’t make it yourself, because there are those who take shortcuts, and the result is not colloidal nano, but rather silver nitrate or silver chloride (chlorite?).

These forms of silver are not effective, and can cause argyria aka blue skin.My contact makes it with AC not DC (batteries), and after analysis by a top lab, was told it was the finest they’d seen.

Another fascinating thing I learned, was about a genius named Raymond Royal Rife, a contemporary of Tesla, and just as brilliant

He invented (at a time when the strongest was 2500X magnification) a microscope first @ 27000X, then another at about 62000X. He studied cancer cells under it in 1930 and learned how they responded to various treatments. Eventually he (with a doctor’s blessing at the time) treated 16 people with cancer and had a 100% cure rate.He had an ally in the AMA (a head of it), but when that guy died, and a new president came in, the new one was unsympathetic to Rife, and totally sympathetic to Big Pharma and their “managed treatment (until death)” agenda. I read recently that the med / pharma industry makes 400K$ from managed treatment of cancer patients PER PATIENT. Rick Simpson from Canada’s east coast, found hemp oil would cure most cancer also – he ended up being hounded by RCMP and charged – apparently he left the country but if he returns faces jail. I know a guy who treated two ladies with breast cancer, by using colloidal nano silver and either Dan’s Molecular Enhancer or the Rife Violet Ray Machine. There was a guy in NJ who was put on trial for pracitsing med without a licence. He’d cured 83 people of cancer including his wife, and himself while on trial!

I understand, that apparently Big Pharma is owned mainly if not totally by the Rockefellers (an Illuminati top echelon family).

When you read the agenda of the Power Elite / Illuminati written on the Georgia Guidestones the very first item is to reduce the world’s population (depopulate) from 7 billion to 0.5 billion. I guess that (the managed treatment agenda) makes total sense in that regard – don’t cure but treat and kill. Of course they have other means of doing it too, like viral pandemics; wars and rumours of wars; HAARP aided / induced drought, famine, tsunamis, earthquakes,; racial war, class war, EMP attacks, etc.

Thinking of the Illuminati / Power Elite and their One Word Govt agenda, ie NWO, I recently read a book by Barry Smith of NZ, called “Final Notice”. I was amazed at what he knew and wrote in 1989 about these elite, their agenda, and the strides they’d made, the tactics they use, etc.

For those who would enjoy a good ripping read, of the bigger picture in this regard, I highly recommend Wendy Alec’s “Chronicles of Brothers ” series, especially books 3 & 4. I hope book 5 -7 come out soon. The story starts with the one behind the whole NWO, rebellion vs YHVH, manipulator of people, and events leading up to, and following his rebellion and expulsion from heaven (but not the Royal Courts of Heaven (Justice)). Some call him Lucifer, but we’re told by reputable authorities that’s a misnomer propagated by improper translation of relevant passages in Isaiah and Ezekiel.

A more biblical term for him is Nachash. This can be interpreted “Shining One”.. Paul said in reference to Nachash, that he can still take on appearance as an “angel of light”. His title, Satan, is just a Hebrew word for “enemy, adversary, opposer”.

It makes frequent appearances in the Hebrew bible with a small “s” in that regard.

In regards to this topic also, he and his minions, who fell with him. are able to shape shift or “form” shift and appear as other entities as it suits their purpose. Thus they can appear as “grays” (alien), or reptiloids (again, alien), or Nordics (aliens who look tall and blonde hair like Scandinavian peoples), elves, or whatever. To each age of MAN on earth, they customise their appearance to suit the prevailing mindset of the age. They will at some point, appear en masse, posing as “our alien creators / saviours to “guide us to the next evolutionary level”. It will result in mass deception by a gullible public all too willing to believe a lie because they love not the truth as Paul taught in the NT.

Darwin apparently never regarded evolution as anything more than a theory, hoping it would be proven by advancement in science. It never has been and never will be. The theory of panspermia, is just another variation of the lie that led to the first man and woman to buy into a lie, that they could be their own god. After all, if “there’s no God” then we don’t owe Him anything and there’s no supreme intelligence that formulated for our benefit the commandments to live by, that best promote harmonious and godly spiritual living / coexistence.

The problem though is twofold. First Yeshua aka Jesus, said that the devils (fallen angels / watchers) know God exists and tremble in fear of Him. Secondly, Yeshua also said, that Nachash is the prince of this present world, and all who rebel against God or reject Him, are lawful subjects of Nachash, their ruler, the Prince of Darkness.

He doesn’t however force mankind to accept this and then, escape Nachash’s kingdom of darkness by exercising His power to override thei wills / free choice “for their own best good” or any reason. He’s a gentleman in that he responds when invited to become someone’s Adonia (LORD) Maschiach (Messiah), and begin to implement the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy in their lives (“The Spirit of Adonai Yehovah is upon me, because Yehovah has anointed Me to preach the good news to the meek, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and complete opening to the bound ones, to proclaim the acceptable year of Yehovah, and the day of vengeance of our Elohim, to comfort all that mourn, to appoint to those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of the spirit of infirmity, so that one calls them the trees of righteousnes, the plantiing of Yehovah, in order to beautify Himself.”

When Yeshua read this in the first address He made in the synagogue, He said “this day is this scripture fulfilled in your hearing”.

One cannot have true freedom, in its fullest, til one has been freed by Yeshua from the law of sin and death, and translated from the authority / domain of the kingdom or darkness into the His kingdom of light.