musings October 8/14

Lately, I’ve been reading Thomas Gibson’s prophecies given to him by God, which he compiled into 2 sections, the first is about 207 pgs, the second 76. As I read through them, I’m amazed that they address a lot of the same issues that God is laying on hearts today – for example, Stewart Best (the lightgate blogger), Dr. Tom Horn et al, “Blood on the Altar” book, and others including Cris Putnam, Russ Dizdar, L A Marzulli, and Dr. Bill Schnoebelen to name several.

I have only read about a third of Bro. Gibson’s writings, but will continue til finished. They have the witness of the Spirit and it’s interesting to note that Duimitru Duduman  & Michael Boldea have shared similar warnings with us.

On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Ravi Zacharias’ “The Real Face of Atheism” book. I first met Ravi in the 70s (before he became DR) and remember him to be an engaging, enthusiastic evangelist / teacher. I lent it to an agnostic friend to read and upon returning it, he said it rocked him. Pray that “J” will commit to the Lordship of Yeshua Ha Moschiach. Upon hearing of the book, from the agnostic friend, another friend who prides himself on being an Ayn Randian atheist, expressed interest in reading it also, when I told him that he doesn’t live as a true atheist. Pray for Hans as he reads the book that his armour will be pierced by the Spirit of Yahweh Elohim, and that he will open up to Jesus.

While updating some Twitter stuff, I caught a tweet about t he latest ISIS beheading. Seeing it was at a site that had shown the video before, I thought it may be the same one as previous. It wasn’t – and I don’t recommend watching it primarily because one has to stifle and resist an attack by a spirit of hatred that would seek to influence / control you. It was bloody gruesome, literally, and what amazed me was the victim did not try to resist – one would think it’s better to be shot to death trying to escape than to be forced to recite some Islamic crap, while your executioner stands in front of you with a machete – you don’t have to guess what he plans to do with it.

I don’t know but hope, that the victim cried out to God when captured, and was able to repent of his sins.

This is why, whenever any muslims here, try to convince me to convert (I wouldn’t anyway), by trying to sell me that it’s a religion of peace, tolerance, and love, that I immediately set them straight. Mohammed was a false prophet, plunderer, murderer, pedophile, warlord, and barbarian, who had no idea what agape love is and who the real God is. In contrast to “Mo”, the real King of Kings, Lord of Lords, taught to love your enemies – not kill them, turn the other cheek, when reviled, don’t revile in return, and that no greater love has one for another, than to willingly lay down (sacrifice) his/ her own life for that other.

Lastly, I ‘ve been taking colloidal silver to clear up the remains of my previous cellulitis / MRSA infections and all who’ve seen my legs recently, who knew what they were like before have commented that the improvement is very noticeable.

From what I understand the colloidal silver has many benefits some being listed at – click on People of the Lie / Colloidal Silver