pertinent issues and how they’re perceived


“You won’t post this, but we don’t need to BUY things to know the truth. Why do you do this “buy my stuff cause

you do not know” fear stuff. Some of your posting are so good and then you do this. It doesn’t seem right at all.’

Yes, I will post your comment because it speaks volumes on Christian attitude today. What you are really saying here is that I should not be telling people to purchase a product that might actually be of value to them, as “UFO GATEWAY TO HELL” has been to many, many people, including the U.S. Government, because in your eyes it appears to a “sin” to suggest that someone PAY for something.  Even some of the comments on that post said they have been helped by it.

“I purchased UFO Gateway to Hell many years ago and it still is one of my all time…

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