Further ruminations

Well, here we are nearing the end of July, according to the pagan calendar, on the 23rd day of Tammuz (God’s calendar), heading into month of Av. I was somewhat familiar with the 9th of Av, as a day when catastrophes and judgment had befallen the Jewish people historically. It was on that day the the first temple was destroyed in 539 BC, and also that the 2nd temple was destroyed in 70 AD. It’s also the day that the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492. Thus I understand why it’s a day of fasting, mourning, and remembrance to them. However, I had not been familiar with the 15th of Av and the festival of Tu B’Av or Tu B’Ab. It was through Alexander Backman’s reposting of posts by Stewart Best, the lightgate blogger, I learned of this fest. I am thankful for the internet for the reason that I’ve been able to learn much from various brothers and sisters, using various online means, aka YouTube, blogs, articles from their research (I think of Devvy Kidd and Robert Motch, and their series “The House That Evil Built”, to name an  example), as well as making available old texts, literary works, etc to download and read. I think of Eustace Mullins’ “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, and Abbate Leone’s “Jesuit Conspiracy – The Secret Plan of the Order” for examples.

Without the internet, I would not have learned of Fritz Splringmeier and his “Bloodllines of the Illuminati”, nor Bill Schnoebelen of the site withoneaccord.org and all his wonderful resources available there, Ditto, for Dr. Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, Russ Dizdar, Prophecy Club, Prophecy in the News, and many more.,

I am thankful that it’s helped me reconnect with old friends, and family located in distant areas.

I realise that like any other source, it has to be discerned, that the bad fruit or weeds, has to be separated in order to concentrate on that which is good.

Having said all this, I want to share, that God, Yahweh, has been leading and confirming to me that He’s trying to get our attention, to get us back on the straight and narrow, that is, to take up our cross, deny the flesh and its desires, by putting no confidence in it, and to follow His commandments like, “be ye holy as I am holy” and “if you love Me, keep my commandments”.

Today and for years, the body of Christ on earth, has been snoozing in comfort, being fed pablum, and largely unaware of the lateness of the hour. I shared with some recently, that when my mom was alive, she would express concerns to me about spiritual issues and church attendance (lack of by me). I remember telling her, that church wasn’t interesting nor challenging anymore, and hadn’t been for years. It was more about rote behaviour, fulfilling perceived expectations, appearing to be doing the spiritually right things by others, and feel good reinforcement. I said, that when I was being taken to church by them as a child / young adult over 40 years ago, it was common to hear sermons on topics “verboten” (it seems) these days. For instance, going to hell, sanctification, holiness, growing up into the full stature of Christ, study to know the full counsel of God, to show oneself approved in order that you can give an answer for why and what you believe, as well as to allow the sword of the Spirit to take root in you that it can be used to combat the enemy of your soul, also, renewal and transformation of one’s mind daily, and last but not least, ESCHATOLOGY (the study of “last things” or “end times of this age” with regard to the 2nd coming of Yeshua / Jesus and being ready. He said to make sure you watch and pray, to pay attention to the signs, so as not to be caught unawares, sleeping, by surprise.

This is why I am glad, to find those online, who are doing just that, and trying to wake the sleepers as to the lateness of the hour as well as warn the lost.


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