Year Half Gone

Well, who would believe this year’s flown by so fast so that half of it, almost, is behind us? I’ve been very busy in my investigation into liberty, common law, and learning how to be a man, standing in honour.

In this regard, I recently met with some other seekers, locally, and learned there of a man, karl lentz, who is helping many to learn how to exercise their power and rights as sovereign men and women. One of the first ones I watched with karl, was called “Must See, Karl Lentz on UnKommon Law, Queen’s Bench” it’s on YouTube. He’s interviewed in the UK on a show called UK column. Here’s the link

I personally know that he has also been helping people in NB Canada and was successful on all fronts.All this is very encouraging to those who have found out the huge con being perpretrated wherein the people are taxed as surety for gov’t debt.

On another front, my spiritual journey has been encouraged and stimulated by some excellent reading lately. The first author that has blest me is Wendy Alec.Her new book, Visions From Heaven, had me in tears as I marvelled at the boundless love of Abba Yah and Yahshua, and their compassion for the ekklesia. as well as the lost.

Besides giving Visions From Heaven my highest accolades and recommendations, I want to mention her Chronicles of Brothers series. These will have you riveted as you read, and you won’t want to put the books down.. Here are the titles:

The Fall of Lucifer

Messiah: First Judgment

Son of Perdtion

A Pale Horse

Especially once you’re into book 3 you will be amazed at how, in a “fiction” book, Wendy weaves so much info on the Illuminati, the 13 families, council of 300, mass media control and manipulation by these elites, the NWO agenda, and much more. I know I’ve spent much time in investigation for years now, on the areas of global elite, international bankster cabal, Bilderberg, CFR, TC, and so on.

These books have summarized a lot into a much shorter synopsis, but it’s the plot line, the gripping story she’s weaving in the series that makes it a tour de force in literary achievement.

Steve Quayles True Legends book, David Flynn’s collection (Temple at the Centre of Time, Cydonia),Earth’s Earliest Ages by G H Pember, and Supernatural Worldview by Cris Putnam are a few more excellent tomes.

I have the Derek Prince “Spiritual Conflict” teachings on CDs and they are amazing teachings.

I heard from a sister, in WA state, how much “Blood On the Doorposts” by Bill Schnoebelen has been a blessing to her. Praise God!

Looking at the present deterioration of the world on many fronts, I can’t help but wonder how much longer before the end of days for this age arrives. Now ISIS is heading towards Jordan on one front and Saudi Arabia on another while still gaining territory in Iraq and Syria, in their pursuit of caliphate. This bodes no good – and we can apparently thank the US for this mess too. With the inept, socialist / islamist president, manifesting his weakness and incompetence for the whole world to see, meddling in Africa and the MidEast, precipitating overthrows of governments,  training ISIS to be their proxy in Syria vs Assad, and so much more, is it any wonder that the predators smell blood and weakness?

Couple all this with his administrations’ aggressive persecution / prosecution of all who disagree with them, using Alinskyan tactics to marginalise, antagonise, and polarise, in order to justify their push towards totalitarianism in America, and we can see that the UN’s NWO is advancing rapidly. The people by and large, are sheeple, who don’t question and instead behave like ostriches burying their heads in the sand hoping all the bad will go away on its own.

Edmund Burke said, “All that remains for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” which is so much in this day and age as hedonism, selfishness, paganism, and haughty scorn  against God reign supreme. I know He will not put up with it forever, but rather he will judge as we’ve been warned of in scripture and by faithful watchmen on the walls in the last 40 years. Remember, Yahshua said that just as in Noah’s daym they were caught unawares due to being engrossed in eating, drinking, sex, etc as they lived each day in hedonistic excess, so shall it be as the judgment / tribulation come before His return.


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