May 2014 The Pace Accelerates

As I watch online news reports daily, read info shared by bloggers, truth seekers, and individuals who are offended by much of what happens these days, I notice that the pace of evil has accelerated greatly. The time will soon be at hand when the Son of Perdition manifests as the pseudo messiah, deceiving most, and leading them in rebellion to the one true Messiah and His Father, the creators of all that is.

The pace and scale of impact of earth upheaval is also accelerated, ie volcanic activity, tsunamis, violent weather swings, and more is being tracked with concern.

All this was predicted by both the prophet Joel and Yeshua during his incarnation in Matthew 24 for example. I have talked in the past about the inroads and encroachments of the shadowy controllers of the planet’s elite, but did not cover it in the detail that Devvy Kidd, and Robert Motch have done @ his site, Robert Motch

In the section titled “FEATURES” he lists the series started by Devvy, expanded by himself, called “The House That Evil Built” and an addendum, “Christmas Day 2013”, in which he details all the incestuous tendrils of the secret societies and their devotees.

He doesn’t address a different part of the evil, called the Jesuits, though, but at Bill Schnoebelen’s site. at, you can order Chris Pinto’s excellent documentary on DVD, called, “Tares Among the Wheat”.

I recently read, “visions From Heaven” by Wendy Alec, from

I highly recommend it to anyone. I have purchased 8 copies so far and given away all but one. It’s not that Wendy is some super holy far above the rest of us believers, Christian, but rather she wrote a book on what she learned from God by going through a long illness with a rare disease that there’s no cure for. He eventually healed her, after she stood in faith for quite some time, then she received the visions wherein it was shown her, why it all happened  and what God wanted her to tell others. One thing that stood out, because during the same time, I watched a video on YouTube, by another prophet, Chuck Youngbrandt in the 1970s and 1980s. I came across this at Alexander Backman’s site,

wherein God kept telling him, that if Christians would intercede they could change so much. Wendy was shown Christians and ministers who were bound by sin and in a type of “virtual” supernatural MIA or POW camp. Jesus told her that other believers could’ve helped them avoid / overcome that which they fell to, if they had spent time in intercessory prayer, diligently lifting these up to Him to activate His power to defeat the enemy in their lives. This was two witnesses, to me, that we need to do much more praying in order to make sure His will gets done, Instead, she was shown how their fellow believers condemned them, judged them, derided them, and intensified by so doing, the enemy’s attacks. It seemed like they aided the enemy in the taking down of their brother, or sister, whereas if they had interceded, in honest humility, and concern, as the scriptures exhort us to do, (…”and if a believer be overtake in a fault …”), they would have done what Jesus required (plus they would’ve had their own issues dealt with by Him also).

I also re read her book, The Fall of Lucifer” and it was a gripping page turner! So then I ordered  the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th books in the series, “Chronicles of Brothers”. I now have finished book 2, “Messiah” First Judgment” . which was even more gripping, So, now I am going to read the 3rd, “Son of Perdition” expecting it to be the best yet. Let me underscore, what she has written is a series of Christian fiction, if it could be called that, wherein she has taken biblical facts, and woven them into a great storyline in order that non believers will find it enthralling to read. I have read some of the testimonials from readers, non believers, lapsed believers, and believers, and all share what an impact the books are having on their lives, Those away from God are returning, and a reason I would say, is that as you read you will be moved to tears at times as you see how wonderfully she has depicted the overwhelming greatness of God’s love for Mankind, and the lengths He goes to in order to make it possible to have an intimate fellowship with us.


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