April 2014

Well, here we are already into April, and this is when the “signs” or “signals” relating to God’s (YAHWEH’s) appointed feasts, or “special dates with mankind” are about to begin.There’s much  being written, shared in video, and audio, relating to the portents we’re about to see.

Dr. Tom Horn covered in good detail, in his book “Zenith 2016” which was published online at his site, raidersnewsupdate.com chapter by chapter, and I believe it begins about the 8th chapter. John Hagee has been proclaiming much on this topic, but the first man I recall covering the topic, was Mark Blitz.I learned much from his explanation of the significance in history of the tetrad. Tetrad in a word used by NASA to describe a series of events wherein, multiple instances of lunar and solar eclipses occur, especially if some appear as “blood moons”.  The key is this: when they occur in succession at God’s appointed times ie Passover, Sukkot, then unusual events have occurred, These are rare events wherein hundreds of years may pass between them. However, in the last century, (20th), they occurred twice, on these appointed times, and that was 1948/49 and 1967/68. In the first case the nation of Israel was reborn after 2000 yr, as prophesied in the scriptures. In the second instance, Israel won the 6 day war, and Jerusalem, the holy city, was once more under Israeli dominion.

Well this year and next we’re going to be having more occurrences, and here’s a picture of it from radiersnewsupdate

As a temporary end to this topic, I say, “hold onto your hats”.

Next up, a topic that’s also “hot” these days, UFOs, “aliens”, alien abductions, etc.David Ruffino covered this very well, in his book,

Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon Where It Originates And How It Stops

and he has more at his site called Delusion Resistance. Suffice it to say, I believe that what is being witness is not the activity of ETI, but rather EDI. Extra Dimensional Intelligence – from a dimension that co exists with ours, namely the dimension of spirit – is part of the “lying signs and wonders” we were forewarned in the bible we would see as the end of the present age approaches,, more and more.

Of course this ties in with the renewed awareness of Yahshua’s (Jesus’) prediction, “as it was in the days of Noah..”, with reference to the same time frame of the previous paragraph. A sister in Messiah, Hollie Moody, was given a vision, which can be found @ lit4ever.org

in the section where they list individuals who share(d) something of a revelatory nature. In this particular vision, Yahshua took her to show her the landing upon the earth of things which shapeshifted, changed form, but there was an air accompanying them of extreme dread & fear. She asked Him what they were seeing, to which He replied, “the return of the Nephilim”. Now since then, Alexander Backman reported on his web site, about instances whole villages in Mexico witnessed in broad daylight, of much the same thing.

If one reads not only the scriptures, ie Genesis 6 for one, but also the books of Jasher, and 1 Enoch, one can find that the Nephllim, were hybrids, products of the mating of fallen angels with human women. The resulting offspring were gigantic in size and possessed mighty strength and powers, that they used to evil purposes and to the murder of humans. Genesis refers to them as “might men of old / renown” – which would explain why most cultures share stories of “Annunaki” or demi gods (Hercules etc), titans (ie Atlas), and so on. In the book of Numbers, we find, that when the 12 spies went into Canaan to spy out the land, they reported it being populated by giants, in whom whose sight, the spies were like grasshoppers. Ten of them advised against going to take the land due to their fear and unbelief, only Joshua and Caleb dissenting. In Steve Quayle’s well researched book “True Legends” he explores giants living in North, Central, & South America. Of course his website genesis6giants.com

goes into much detail also.

On another note, I am still pursuing learning more about the Hebraic roots of my faith, and to that end,  I purchased “Hebraic Roots Bible A Literal Translation” from coyhwh.com

Where no copies were available of Brit Hadashah (NT) books in either Hebrew or Aramaic, then the Greek was redacted back to Hebrew and then re translated back to English. I am finding it to be the best version of the scriptures I have found (of at least a dozen I have owned or own) over the years.

I liked David Stern’s Complete Jewish Bible but for one thing, especially. He perpetrated the error of the KJV, which perpetrated the erroneous doctrine of the ancient Pharisaical rabbis, in substituting LORD or LORD GOD, for His name – contrary to Exodus 3, and I think Deuteronomy 6.

Well I will try to carry on much sooner with my next post, so bye for now, and may God bless.