October 2013 notes

Well, here we are mid-October, and I’ve not been actively posting much. I have been busy though, following some major trends. I would like to address some:

First, the increasing concern of the citizenry of the USA, about the direction their country has been and still is, heading in. I couldn’t agree more, that they have valid concerns, and wish I could hold out some hope that there will be a reversal of direction back to the USA of yore. But I cannot.  In fact, I was reading, I believe at Before Its News website, an article wherein someone, possibly Alex Backmann, was taking Deborah Tavares (of Stop The Crime website) to task, saying that all these efforts ie T2SDA, Veterans march on DC, bikers protest in DC, etc,  were all well intentioned and sprung from sincere desires to effect change, but would ultimately fail. The reason he gave, was that the events in the natural realm, the realm of the physical ie carnal, were a manifestation of the spirit realm where the adversary of mankind, the adversary known as Ha Satan, is dramatically ramping up his endgame for the endtimes we’re all living in. As the Brit Hadasah, ie Renewed Covenant that some call “New Testament”, says, y0u cannot fight spiritual battles with physical weapons / tactics. We need to put on the whole armour of God, who as Psalm 24 says, is the Lord of Glory, mighty in battle, and a “man” of war. The difference is He wars differently than we would. He doesn’t war for oil, money, property, to enslave, or any other reason mankind usually wars for (including protecting the dope trade).

The first strategy that the USA, and the whole “Western Civilisation” needs to follow, is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, turn from their wicked ways ….”. This is the only strategy that can invoke His blessing and aid in the battles taking place and to come.

Purify ourselves, our motives, seek His kingdom first, seek His discernment, and to follow His leadings, then He will reveal what His plans are to change the world starting with where you live.

Secondly, Alex Backmann posted on his site, and on Before Its News, a story about Baja in Mexico, In Ensanda, Baja, many people saw what appeared as a UFO at first, then it morphed as it came down to land, til when it was on the ground, it was a giant being with black wings, ie possibly Nephilim. Immediately I thought of a story shared by Hollie Moody several years back, on the site lit4ever.org about Yeshua / Jesus revealing to her in a vision the return of the Nephilim. Even though He was by her side, she experienced terror like she never thought possible at the sight of them. This bespeaks of “as it was in the days of Noach, …” because let’s face it, there’s always been evil, wickedness, and sin manifesting through people since it was brought into the world. But in the days of Noach, there were hybrids on the earth, giants, half celestial and half terrestrial, beings produced by the forbidden mating of fallen angels and human women. In the book of Enoch 1, much more detail is given, and these devils, also imparted to humans, their knowledge of things not intended for humans, or at least not in that way, for that purpose, at that time. They apparently corrupted / altered even the animals and birds. Their purpose was to defile, destroy, and corrupt that which Yahweh, Elohim, had made – especially those made in His image, so that the prophecy of Gen. 3:15 would be prevented ie so that the Son of God couldn’t be incarnated in man made in God’s image, in order to defeat/ crush HaSatan and his minions to make redemption / salvation possible.

We are definitely living in “interesting times” and expect what the Word of God says, “evil shall wax worse and worse” and thus the job of the called out ones, the children of light, should be to manifest His light and truth, and tear down the strongholds of the enemy our adversary.