musings Aug. 2013

I have been remiss in posting to the blog, as it seems time is flying by, and there’s so much to do, so much to keep abreast of, and so many things vying for attention.

Some updates in point form:

  1. The pace of lost liberty is accelerating very quickly. We should all pull our heads of the sand, and decide to do whatever we can, support whomever we can, in the cause of stemming the tide.. This also means we need to spend more time seeking God’s direction and revelation for not only ourselves, family, loved ones, but that He would somehow, intervene to change the course our nations are on.
  2. Inform yourself, then others, of the events and those behind the events, their goals, and galvanise into action to stand for truth, liberty , and morality.
  3. Know that as Sh’aul (Paul) said to Timothy, “perilous times shall come” and be prepared.
  4. We should all be thankful that there are those with consciences, like Brad Manning, and Ed Snowden, who when they see what they consider morally wrong take a stand against it, divulge it, and are suffering great personal cost for doing so. They’re brave, and heroes.
  5. Did you know the derivatives crisis causing the meltdown of ’08 was not something new coming out of nowhere? At a site called that it was perfected in the eighties during the Iran Contra era, and before, when a variant was used against farmers, and that it was bipartisan (Clintons, Bush Daddy, Leonard Millman, and others.

Just when I thought I’d learned most of what was important to know about the Power Elite, as Dr. Dennis Cuddy calls them, I start learning more from Dr. Stan Monteith’s “The Brotherhood of Darkness” tome.

Hopefully, I will get to putting more gleanings down before too long, In the meantime, I recommend the raiders news update site, Steve Quayle’s site, World Net Daily, News With Views, and of course, Veterans Today site.