As 2012 nears an end

I have been thinking about many things as this year approaches its end. For one thing, last Tuesday, Nov. 13, my brother phoned to inform me my mother had suffered a massive stroke and had been rushed to hospital. She apparently had not life/vital signs but they kick-started her heart and put her on respirator. Seeing as she had a do not resuscitate clause, we asked them to take her off the machines after a family consult with my dad there.

The body kept functioning til the morn of Thur. Nov. 15 – when we were notified of her “passing”. We firmly believed that seeing as she’d died and had no brain function upon resuscitation, that the body had been functioning purely mechanically, but doubted she was here. We believe she’d already ascended to be with her beloved Lord Jesus.

Her “funeral” was quite a fantastic send-off and was packed with those who came to pay tribute to her life. It was commented that it seemed more like a celebration than a mourning and that was fine with us for we knew she wanted that.

During the past year, I have been focusing more on getting rid of all that impedes my right relationship with Jesus. I don’t claim to be some super saint or anything, but I thank God that He’s been guiding and helping me – all progress is solely due to Him and He is to be praised /honoured /glorified for it. I have observed to others, including some Americans that I have encountered, that if it’s one thing I have noticed over the last 20 or so years, it’s that they have not been offered choice in their elections between two clearly defined polar opposites. Rather they have been saddled with choice between 2 variations of the same thing, one a bit lighter / less radical than the other. To me, this signifies what Romans says  that if a nation turns from God, that He gives them up to a reprobate (seared) mind, and like those who gather unto those who tickle their ears with what they want to hear, they get what they want / deserve but it contributes further to the ruination of their land.

There’s an old exhortation to judicious wise decision making, “be careful what you wish for’ and I am understanding that more and more.

It’s reputed that H L Mencken is to have said, “in a democracy everyone gets the government the majority deserve” and it seems truer with each passing year that I observe what is happening in the West.