October 2012 thoughts

Well time seems to be flying too fast these days. Sometimes when people complain that time’s flying too fast, or what lousy weather this year has has, or about the government,  just to give a few examples, I tell them (in jest mostly, but also to see if a door opens to share), “cheer up this year’s gonna be 10 days shorter”. If they don’t get it, and ask why, I mention all the ballyhoo about December 21 and the whole Mayan end of the world thing.

It has led to some good opportunities to share why I don’t attribute much truth to it. I have been aware of more and more, why the bible says take heed of where you stand lest you fall, because every time I focus too much on progress being made, instead of keeping my eyes on Jesus to daily “deliver me from evil” ie to keep me walking the narrow path, letting Him lead, watching Him, not allowing my attention to be diverted, then that’s the time the enemy trips me up. I am not giving any glory to the enemy, but rather to Jesus, who is patient, longsuffering, merciful. full of grace, and loving, Who extends His hand, lifts me up, dusts me off, and cleans me up.

I do believe the times are short, and that everyone needs to get their focus, priorities, and lives straight, right with God, and warn others before -it’s too late.I am always grateful for those who pray for me, and my loved ones. Some of my family are not serving God and I pray that He will draw them to Him before tis too late.

On another note, I recently read “Behold A Pale Horse” by the late M. William Cooper, and found it to be interesting to say the least, but also disturbing. I am not sure what to make of some of the things he shared that he experienced, (like the encounters whilst in the US Military and Military Intelligence,with UFO s up close and with many witnesses amongst the other personnel assigned to the vessel he was on at the time(s) – altho’ I was already familiar with Phil Schneider and what he experienced).I found the book totally accurate in its exposing of the Illuminati, secret societies, the secret government, their plans for their NWO, and many other things. He was inaccurate in some timelines, and I do believe that there were errors made in the actual printing – but I could understand what was probably intended – like the mixing up a couple of times of Pope’s names. I ponder Jesus’ words that “as in the days of Noah …” – and I think “what was so different about Noah’s day as opposed to any other”? I mean, man is continually falling short of God’s mark, and wickedness wasn’t confined to Noah’s age. Could it be the Nephilim?  The hybrids produced when angels transgressed (see Peter and Jude too)? (some have called them annunaki, the bible calls them nephilim, anakim, zamzummim, emim, etc) . Genesis 3 does talk about the war initiated then, between the seed of the woman, and the seed of the serpent (satan). Genesis 6 says that these hybrids were on the earth in those days, and also again after the flood. I mean David battled Goliath who had 6 brothers – and they were all big fellas. I have seen pictures and videos online, of bones / skeletons unearthed in Mesopotamian regions, of humans that varied in height from 10 to 25 feet.  When one hears all these stories of alien abductions, and the taking of egg, sperm, blood samples by them from the captive humans, one has to wonder what evil the enemy is perpetrating mostly unknown to the vast majority.  It’s interesting that these abductions stop tho’ when the intended victim calls upon Jesus for help, or invokes the name of Jesus to halt the intended abduction.

Well, rather than continue at this point, I will leave it for now, but ask that we all seek to walk with Jesus, in order that no matter what plans the enemy and his seed, may have, that Jesus will keep us and help us to thwart them.