September 2012

Much has been transpiring of late. I have been led by the Lord to a new YouTube channel, and a new blog site, that are a cornucopia so to speak of information.

Jonathan Kleck’s YT channel called, “thejonathankleck” shares many videos concerning the times we find ourselves living in and through, from a spiritual point of view as well as intellectual. I won’t detail a lot of it here, but suffice it to say, check it out for yourself, and look into that which interests you or you find yourself drawn to.

The blog site, was actually found through Jonathan Kleck, and it’s called , “tribulation now” and the link is

There is so much material on this site it’s hard to know where to tell anyone to begin.I found it to be very inspirational and it helped me to re orient my priorities .

On another front, I have been following the events happening all around me both in my country, and the rest of the world. The most predictable and boring events have been all to do with the selection of those who are going to square off for the election of the president of the US. I have been heartened somewhat by more and more people realising that the whole process is a charade, and that a true reformer, like Ron Paul, will be shut out and screwed by his own party so to speak. The 2 who are currently running are both “products” and there isn’t much difference. Maybe Mitt the Twit. wouldn’t hasten the destruction of America as quickly as Obamanation seems to be, but it’s hard to say the inevitable fall, crash and burn, is far off. I heard QE3 is about to happen – are they nuts? Every QE dollar printed, is a loan with interest by the Illuminati bankers, to the US which the taxpayers are on the hook to repay with interest.

It was shown to people of previous generations, that because America (and the West) turned away from God, en masse, to pursue gods of pleasure, hedonism, entertainment, wealth,and so on, that HE will withdraw His hand from them, and the result will be terrible.

Again, sites, like tribulation now, unleavened bread ministries, and channels on YT / FB like that of Face Like The Sun have been like voices in the wilderness crying out for a return to God, away from their false gods, and seeking mercy to avoid impending judgment.

My advice to anyone, is what I remind myself, make sure your relationship with Jesus is what it should be and what He desires for you, that He may protect you and take care of you.