Some Current Observations

It is now, the beginning of August 2012, and the pace of government encroachment upon civil rights is escalating rapidly. Here in Ontario. McGinty, who either thinks he is all wise all knowing, or is pandering to the most vocal minority groups, has decided that smoking is banned in public parks. Can someone explain to me the rationale behind this idiocy? I am a non-smoker, but fail to see the logic in that one. I mean there are no roofs on parks, supported by surrounding walls.

This is just typical of government these days. Look at how much inroads Obama has made in taking away civil rights – even more if you don’t agree with his leftist, neo-marxist, worldview – what with the TSA for one, the NDAA for 2, and the repeal of DADT in the armed forces, he’s reshaping US into a nation where normal, heterosexual people, Christians, libertarians, pro 2nd amendment persons, etc, are being harassed and pressured into conforming or face very unpleasant consequences. Look at the reaction to the  owner of Chick-fil-A stating his PERSONAL views. Look at the reaction to Denny’s putting out a pro 2nd Amendment ad.

Those who look for a political messiah, (and Romney aint one for sure), to halt the decay and halt the pull of the moral quicksand, the ever increasing darkness descending on USA, are approaching it from the wrong direction.

I recently watched a series on YouTube, by those who put together a channel called , “The Fuel Project”, (the same group is on Facebook).It’s called “Stay Free” and because part 8 is split into 2 parts, there’s a total of 10 videos. The series deals with getting to the root of what causes a country to be great, prosperous, and free. It also shows what causes it to decay, have financial and economic problems, and also what causes lack of liberty and dignity for individuals. It’s not surprising, really, that as Christians, they also show an overview of the progress made in the realm of freedom, individual rights and liberties, and greatness of character/spiorit that are attributable to the influence of Christians in the past, The argument is made (in my words not theirs) that present day Western (formerly Christian) countries, are running on the last fumes of past Christian “fuel”.

I strongly urge everyone to watch the vids, with objectivity, trying to be impartial.

The link is

I think you will learn much worthwhile information.