May 1 2012 Observations

I have been very busy with so many irons in the fire so to speak, that I’ve neglected the blog …. mea culpa! I just finished reading recently, a book, entitled “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”. It is the most comprehensive, exhaustively researched address of the topic I have come across as yet.

The author, Fritz Springmeier, first published it circa 1999, after years of research – including visiting ex–Illuminati John Todd in jail. Like John, for exposing information that the subjects didn’t want exposed, he was framed on trumped up charges for crime he didn’t commit, and served 10 yr in jail. Unlike John, the day he was released, at least he wasn’t picked up by those in a black helicopter and never seen or heard from again.

There’s so much covered in that book, that it would be a huge project to detail it and explain it here. Suffice it to say, when one reads it, your eyes become opened to a reality you were previously unaware of. The sheer magnitude of evil that these families, and the organisations they control, are responsible for is almost mind-boggling. A good example, that can be discussed briefly, is the Federal Reserve. Apparently the NY Fed controls the other 11, and being a PRIVATE BANK, as all of them are, NOT government entities, they are owned and controlled by 2 Illuminati families. The 2 families are the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

When you consider, that every dollar printed for the US  government, by the Fed, is a LOAN WITH INTEREST, and that Barack alone has printed roughly 8 Trillion$ in 3 yr, you will begin to understand that not only is there no hope of getting the US out of debt (total debt now is estimated at over 100 Trillion$), but those to whom the money is owed, thus determine and dictate, what direction and policies are to be followed.

When you read of all their historical manipulations, of governments, and how they’ve instigated every war for at least 300 yr, and have financed both sides, (just like the NY bank that Prescott Bush ran, financed the Nazis),  and that the CIA and MI6 are basically Illuminati organisations, you will begin to grasp the enormity of the problem. They have assassinated presidents, killed senators, congressman, and others that don’t do their bidding or prove to be against their agenda.

Couple this with the information those like Svali (code name)  have divulged online, (ie, or google to find the repository of her archived explanation of the mind control process – it’s about 13 parts at least – here’s one possible link to a lot of info

and it looks like it’s very good for a primer.

I found this very useful in conjunction with a video series (on Facebook, YouTube) by FaceLikeTheSun – called Know Thy Enemy. To me though, it’s not a cause for giving up in despair, but rather it’s a wake up call to Christians especially, who’ve been coasting along, sleeping in the light, and not aware of the gains evil is making to which they need to respond in spiritual warfare. This means of course under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, with much prayer, and making sure we are in right relationship with God – that we are walking in the light as He is in the light, and making sure we’re not trying to straddle both sides of the fence so to speak- ie being carnal or fleshly, excusing sin. One cannot overcome darkness if in darkness oneself.

On another note, a web site called, “The Daily Bell” is chock full of good news, articles, and exposes, from a libertarian (ie loving liberty, anti-big-government) stance – they too discuss the Illuminati, but call them the “Anglosphere elite”.

I have started pursuing liberty, and human rights, from a “Free Man” persepective.  In that respect, I have been downloading statutes, etc, from the government website, because those who are making headway in this sphere, have said to study and understand things like Bills of Exchange Act”, “Financial Administration Act”, “Bank Act” , “Consumer Protection Act”,  to name some. The purpose is to understand the substance of these statutes, “what the meat of it” so to speak of each, is, as it pertains to gaining freedom. I know Dean Clilfford, on YouTube, has series of vids outlining what he’s learned and put into practice – so has Victor Beck though not to the same degree as Dean.

I will try to keep the blog updated more often, and elaborate more on subject of interest mentioned, as I digest more myself.