Musings –Early 2012

I have been remiss in updating the blog, thinking that there were many demands on my time, and probably no one reads the blog except me anyway .

I have been changing in my perspectives on many things quite a lot recently. I have been reading a site I found, daily, because I have found it to be one of the few alternative media type reporting sites. It’s called “The Daily Bell” and one thing I applaud it for, is its exposure of the “Anglosphere Elite” aka the “global banker elite” based in the “Square Mile” ie core, of London England, which is called the “City of London” – ie within the larger city of London. I was already well aware through some very thorough YouTubers of these few families where most of the world’s wealth is concentrated and controlled. Some have paid a heavy price for their exposure of these, like Fritz Springmeier, who was jailed for 10 yr on trumped up falsified evidence and charges after he published his book “BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI”. Alex Jones had him on recently now that he’s been released, to discuss “Inner Workings of Secret Societies”.

Then there’s the more ambitious scope by a group called “The Fuel Project” which spans thousands of years, and is an 11 hour odyssey on video called “Know Thy Enemy” – the parts pertaining to the modern era (last 500 yr or so) elites is quite extensive starting with Mayer Rothschild in 1791 & Adam Weishaupt in 1773 – both Illuminati alumni with Adam being the founder I in name anyway) -right through to present day. It covers battles between the Rothschilds and US presidents over the establishing of a National Bank aka Federal Reserve type. When a US prez refused to re-charter such, then the Rothschilds would react with a huge vengeance – embroiling them in wars they had to finance via the banks controlled by Rothschilds.

This by the way, is just one small part of what has been uncovered. The Illuminati are just one group used as a vehicle for the furtherance of the elite’s agenda, others include Bilderberg group, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, UN – especially UNESCO, and Agenda 21, central banks including the IMF, and the Vatican, to name a few.

It’s actually quite overwhelming, if you let it be, but one has to keep the perspective, that altho the elite want a NWO aka New World Order, aka global governance, that one of the biggest tools thwarting them and frustrating them has been the Internet Reformation – which the Daily Bell puts on par with the revolution brought about by Gutenberg’s press.

Still, above all that, God (YHWH), is still the supreme Lord of the Universe, and nothing is going to happen that will catch Him unawares. He did predict a NWO aka OWG (One World Gov’t) where people would be enslaved if they wanted to buy and sell, work, eat, etc. in the books of Daniel and the Revelation of St. John. People used to say “that’s unbelievable” – even I who was taught about this from an early age thought “how can this come about?:”, til I saw an interview with Aaron Russo, on YouTube, wherein he described becoming friends with the Rockefellers, and not giving it much thought, til one of them told him “we now have RFID chips that implantable in human wrists or foreheads, that, once we abolish cash, and currency, and move to digital remittance, will allow us to control the people because if they don’t fall into line with our agenda, or try to subvert our plans, we will turn off the RFID chips and they won’t have any means to buy or sell”. My immediate thought was John’s description of “the Mark of the Beast”  in each person’s wrist or forehead wherein they couldn’t buy or sell without it. Now, if there’s no God, Who is outside of time and its constraints, who as the bible says, “knows the end from the beginning”, how would John have received this explicit revelation over 2000 yr ago?

There’s going to be a final showdown according to John and Daniel, between the Light and the darkness, between the satanic forces and their controlled minions & Jesus Christ with His forces of Truth and Light, wherein He will triumph over them once and for all. I never thought, I would see the NWO predicted by the bible, take shape before my eyes in my lifetime, but it is.

The only salvation for any of us, will be to acknowledge and accept His Lordship over our lives, and to trust Him to provide what we need.