August 2011 Thoughts

I have been silent on this blog for awhile due to many reasons, mostly lack of time. I have not been idle though in informing myself of many topics currently of interest. Firstly, I will comment on the riots in the UK. A lot of focus has been, as it should be, on the actions of the disaffected class of louts, who largely live on public benefits aka social welfare or the dole. Their wanton destruction of the property of fellow citizens who unlike themselves, work hard to contribute to society in a meaningful way, including paying taxes that go to support the indolent lifestyles of the lazy louts, was cruel and idiotic both. Those whose property was destroyed, or who were assaulted or killed by the louts, are the wrong focus for the louts, because if they want to protest their situation, first they should look in the mirror.

What I have seen little comment on at all, is the scenes I watched on YouTube, of muslims chasing the police, yelling obscene comments at them, calling them obscene names, all the while chanting, “Free, Free, Palestine”. Is this due to politically correct multiculturalism prevailing in the media, and the realm of the political authorities?  Much as we need to be dealing with the louts, and ensuring they get the message that there will be swift and fair retribution for their actions, the muslims need to know their misbehaviour will not go unpunished also, and that those unwilling to assimilate, could be deported to a suitable muslim country where they can practise shari’ah to their hearts content.

One commentator at the blog “Gates of Vienna”, who has a blog entitled “National Conservatism” , reminded me of the greatness of one, Enoch Powell. As a Canadian, I admire him, for he was plain spoken, truthful, sincerely concerned about the impact of immigration on his beloved land – especially the impact of non-assimilation into the society and culture he so loved. Like Winston Churchill, during the 30s, when WC was trying to honestly address the eventuality of war with Nazism, Enoch was marginalised by his own party and portrayed as an alarmist lunatic. Well, time proved WC right, and as well, I believe it has proven EP right as well.

I recommend a book called “Muslim Mafia” available online, which is an expose of the agenda by those who infiltrated, being advanced by those who seek to undermine the societies of the West, the methods they employ, how they co opt our own system against us, and the threat they pose as they seek to put us all under the boot of allah.