Musings on the cusp of March ’11

I hope to get some recent material posted here shortly. I have been following the recent developments in the Middle East, Africa, United States, and other places also. A quick comment is in order here on some recent developments in Europe. In Austria, Elisabeth Sabaditsch_Woolff was convicted of “denigrating a minority” or some such farcical charge, because she made comments in a speech about the predilection in Islam, to pedophilia (child brides), incest, sexual asault/rape of women, and how Mohammed committed these and more. It seems speaking the truth is out of vogue these days if any hearers decide that they’re offended – well guess what, there’s never been a human right, to no offense against one’s personal worldview, nor against one’s feelings ever being hurt. This is an example of “no guts” jurists, and politicos, kowtowing to the vocal minority again. In France, I believe, a journalist (Eric was his first name) was also convicted of an offense against Islam. Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, is still on trial for offenses against Islam. Then we have on the other hand, leaders like David Cameron and Angela Merkel, admitting that multiculturalism isn’t working, doesn’t work, and leads to the creation of immigrant non-integration -especially Muslims – and something needs to be done. Well, I wish them luck.
Events in Australia and New Zealand, have been catastrophic and totally out of the norm.In countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Iraq, there’s been huge groundswells of angry citizens rising up and causing gov’t changes, as well as the price of oil and commodities to jump high.
Lastly for now, Alex Jones, had Lindsey Williams on his show a couple days ago, divulging new insider information passed along to him. It was about a diabolical plan that will impact all – it’s in 5 parts. Here’s the applicable link to part 1 LINK TO PART 1 – I suggest you watch all of them and ponder deeply.