Nearing the end of 2010

We’re just a couple weeks from the end of the first decade of the the new millennium. I am more and more fascinated by the day with the way everything is playing out to bring about the foretold NWO and the enslavement of the peoples to the elite’s whims and agendas.
I watched some YouTube vids lately where they showed how certain modern thinkers, writers, scientists, etc, describe we the people as “like worker bees” – and couldn’t help but reflect on HUMANISM, DARWINISM, ATHEISM, and SCIENTISM all working in concert to dehumanise humanity and relegate us to a status of less than serfs.
The really scary parts had to do with the Transhumanist Agenda – and all this hybridisation of DNA via gene splicing, recombinant DNA science, etc – to in effect try to design HUMAN 2.0, which will no longer be fully human but rather part human and part animal or whatever.I think of Mr. Rogers as if I hear him say “now kids, can you say ‘chimera’, or ‘manticore’?”.
As I learn more about the other facets of this conspiracy to remake the world and humanity in not God’s image, but in some elite’s visionary image, I cannot help but think also of the Tower of Babel, the days of Noah, and other like events/times wherein much to humanity’s surprise the Creator stepped in to put a stop to evil men’s plans. Think, “the Flood””, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.
One characteristic of Noah’s day, was the presence of fallen Watchers – angels who disobeyed God’s boundaries – and how they mated with female humans to produce hybrid creatures that were giants, but rapacious, murderous, vampiric, and totally evil in all their ways.
A verse that comes to mind : “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end of days heralding my return” (speaker = Jesus Christ).
I have been avidly studying Dr. Tom Horn’s output, both on YouTube and by ordering books and dvds.
Included in my studies are works by Dr. L.A. Marzulli, Bill Schoebelen, Dr. Jack Van Impe, and others, who are all exposing what’s under the radar for most people to day.
I applaud their efforts to shine a light into the evil and dark corners of the NWO types’ minds and plans.
To close this short post, I remind you of the popular song, “People Get Ready” and advise you to follow the advice of that title. The speed of the destructive wild ride of evil persons’ intents is accelerating madly, seek God while you can still, and put your life in his care.


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