September Musings

I have been busy of late, trying to stay on top of life. LOL. At any rate, I had kept current with Twitter, and Facebook, all my email accounts, and neglected my blog.
I was thinking of how the Bible predicted an endtimes explosion of information and knowledge, but not necessarily knowledge that would be profitable to lead humanity into all truth.
One can try to stay on top of all the latest info on the financial markets, and the mess they’re in, what is being predicted will happen from here on in, the latest intel on the furtherances of the NWO agenda, or the Illuminati, or Freemasons, Bilderbergs, and so on, but you wouldn’t have time to do anything else!
It was also predicted that “deception” en masse, would play a big part in these times. The temptation is to try to research, find out, everyting one can about things like the NWO (and its groups and their agendas), the conspiracies that many are trying to expose but lack full revelation of their nature and thus fall short.
It can all get quite overwhelming, trying to have all knowledge, in order to decide on best courses of action to follow in all situations as they occur. It reminded me of a humorous joke I read 40 yrs ago, that went like this – “The objective of all dedicated employees, shall be, to anticipate all problems prior to their occurrence(s), devise solutions for said problems, and then move swiftly to implement solutions to solve them once they occur.HOWEVER, when you’re up to ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember you wanted to drain the swamp”.
We are not God, and thus cannot be omniscient, all powerful, and thus solve all problems on our own. Thus I believe it’s going to become more imperative to acknowledge God is God, and to trust Him to “work all things together for good, to those who love Him. seek to follow Him, called according to His purpose?. St Paul was a well educated cosmopolitan man of his time, today he would probably have an PhD in Philosophy, and an ThD (DTh?). Yet he came to the same conclusion that it was better to not rely on his own understanding and instead to trust in He who is the Sovereign Lord of all creation.