Musings -early Jun’10

Of late I have been watching as I had time, quite a few video threads on YouTube especially. I found most of them to be fascinating and admit it’s easy to get swept up in mixed emotions. One can get angry (at the globalists for lack of a better term), outraged, saddened, despairing, or resigned to giving up.
I first would like to address Dr. Bill Deagle’s vids (he was in Project Camelot). He talks about his experiences over the last 35 yr or so, that reveal that not only does the gov’t lie to us, withhold nefarious plans from us, and plot to make us all worker drones (the ones left anyway) in a global New World Order,but they have not told the truth about the Murrah Building bombing (ie about the thermite and mini nukes a radiated soldier seeking treatment from him shared), but about the WTC 911 event also. At first I have a tendency to be sceptical like most, and figure it’s all fantasy concocted by another conspiracy nut. I changed my mind after hearing what he had to say. One caveat though, the first 3 vids are good and share a lot of valuable info, I personally didn’t agree with some of his worldview / beliefs expressed in the fourth and fifth.
At any rate here’s the link to the first vid: Deagle 1
I watched Bill Schnoebelen’s vids HERE and found that he has some insights that L.A Marzulli is tracking also MARZULLI.
Again I thought, this was all a bit far fetched until I got an email from a gentleman who I met through a blog online, who lives in New Zealand, and he shared with me personal experiences he has had with non-earthly beings and spirits too.
Plodding along, I watched a series by Jesse Ventura on secret societies, another series on the illuminati project, investigations into the Bilderberg group, and finally some by John Moore, a veteran of the intelligence community since 1967.
As I tied all these disparate threads together, an alarming picture began to emerge. I then did more research online via blogs and sites like Steve Quayle’s Q Files.
I might mention too, that many mention the Book of Enoch, and thus ordered THIS ONE. I found it a trove of information and a lot of pieces that had been fragmented became to come together.
So for now, I will close with this observation from Swarna Jha’s blog , I quote, “In the ministry matters the whistling raiders, had to remember that the multitude was blind and deaf. It was God Who would Convict them, not man. Raiders simply had to continue to obey, follow His Directions and air the truth. Not look to the physical results, as that would surely lead them to great physical highs and lows, and away from the purposes of God.”.