Well, here we find ourselves on November 3, counting down to the end of 2009, and it seems to be hurtling towards us.I have been busy of late, due to trying to make up for lost time during my recent illness and corresponding absence from work. I fell behind somewhat in my obligations and thus have been trying to address these shortcomings.
Well, I must say the last few weeks, have seen some interesting developments. All the buzz is about H1N1 aka Swine Flu (which is a misnomer as it is really a combo of avian, porcine, and human flus), and the Copenhagen treaty. Let’s talk about H1N1 for a bit. It’s not a natural occurring flu, as it’s a combo of 3 types. How do you think they combined? By chance? By evolution? By design?
If you answered “by design” you would be correct. You see there has never been any proven macro evolution, where something mutates without design, from one species to another. Thus each species was susceptible to its own “brand of flu” UNTIL human scientists, with enough intelligence and education to know what they were doing, experimented with combining different types.
Now some allege, that they did so in the employ of Big Pharma, in order to develop new diseases and the accompanying vaccine (or cure), so as to make billions of dollars by manufacturing an accompanying pandemic scare. I do know that Jane Burgermeister, and others, have filed suit against the UN, the WHO, Big Pharma, and many others, for their complicity in the creation and spread of the Swine Flu. An acquaintance in France, was kind enough to email me a copy of the suit filed in Nice, France. It prompted me to research via YouTube and blogs, more info, on Jane Burgermeister, and those allied with her in exposing and holding accountable, the perpetrators (and their agenda).
You may say, after some research of your own, that they are not credible enough because they are somewhat allied with the anti-NWO types (New World Order), and thus you perceive them as a tad loony. Maybe there is some truth to it though (the advent of NWO), and they are the watchpersons on the wall of civilisation, trying to wake a slumbering populace to the dangers approaching.
This is why I say that. The Copenhagen summit, or whatever you choose to call it, in the name of “climate change” and the “green agenda”, is about world leaders, signing into existence a new world government, to which they will all defer and thus give up some (for now) sovereignty over their own countries and its affairs.
Bear in mind, my grandma, who was born in late 19th century England before coming to Canada, always said, “give him / them and inch, and he / they will take a mile. There is not one government that once having its appetite fed for power and control, that stops there and is content with that. The appetite just grows, as the desire for power and influence / control, grows also. Thus initially they seemed satisfied with an inch, but then they grasped a foot, then a yard, then a furlong, then a mile, etc. For those familiar with only metric, it means they at first seemed happy with a centimeter, but then as their appetite grew, expanded their reach to control a meter, then a kilometer, etc.
The founders of the USA designed a nation, for freedom, with minimal government, so as to allow for personal liberty for each citizen as well as maximum corporate liberty (meaning all the people / citizens as one body politic). As time went on, the tentacles of government reached further and further, so that now, freedom is in jeopardy, because those elected to govern, are entranced with totalitarian ideologies, and socialisation of the country. Both Anita Dunn and her husband, along with Ron Bloom, Van Jones, and others, have openly expressed their love of communism, Mao, and disdain for the free market system. Formerly communist countries. Russia for instance, have expressed incredulity that the US is heading down a path that they never would have thought possible, of a failed system of government. Russians endured over 70 years of hardship and suffering, under a communist system, and the people longed for the liberty and freedom of the West, especially as perceived in the US. Now they shake their heads in wonder, as they see the developments since January 2009.
Now how this all ties in to the Swine Flu and Copenhagen, is that they’re all the product of atheistic, Darwinist, amoral, philosophies as held by many of those in positions of influence and power today.
It has been said that if there is no God, who by creating the universe and all in it, & who has a moral law built into it, and who has given its principles via Moses, and the prophets, to mankind; but instead there is only random, darwinist, evolution, that is the product of just time and chance, and has no intelligence, nor morals, then there is also no accountability, humans are not perceived as created in God’s image, special creation,to be treated as children of the Creator, who will hold all accountable for their adherence to or breach of His laws; then anything is permissible and anything goes so to speak.
If there ins no God then another God will take His place to fill the vacuum, and in most instances it will be STATISM in some form, upheld by the mini gods ie sicience, political ideologies, and an elitism of those who feel that they are the only worthy ones, to govern, control, and determine the affairs of their fellow man.
Thus they subscribe to NWO policies and agenda, because they believe they should rule the world by virtue of their wealth, power, “education”, or whatever other criteria they esteem gives them the right.
Thus they can decide that there’s too many people on the planet, which is causing the planet harm, and by coupling their totalitarian green-ism, with dupes and complicit henchman, decide to implement policies of transfer or wealth (the purpose of Copenhagen) from wealthier countries to poorer countries, from wealthier people to poorer people, (except bear in mind, they the extremely wealthy won’t be parting with any of theirs, but rather we whom they govern will part with more of ours) in the interests of ‘fairness’ and “equalisation” etc.
What happened to the idea, that a man is worthy of his hire, is entitled to his earnings thereby, and thus ambition and thrift, hard work to achieve goals, etc entitled him to the fruits of his labour? If one man is more successful, wealthier, or has a higher standard of living than another, due to his reaping the benefits of his sowing, thrift, industriousness, wise management, etc,then he should not be compelled by any political power, or person, to forfeit in order that what’s his, may be redistributed to others of someone else’s choosing.
Charity is a biblical concept, whereby the more fortunate so to speak, WILLINGLY and CHEERFULLY, by choice, compassionately give some of theirs to aid those in need, and less fortunate ie widows, orphans, etc.
The bible nowhere mandates political powers wielded by persons in government, to stripping anyone of their earned rewards, to “redistribute” as they see fit.
Well, for now, I will end this and continue it in another post, Suffice it to say for now, that freedom is teetering on the precipice of human greed and power lust, and there are voices in the wilderness (modern John the Baptists) like Glenn Beck, FOX, Alex Jones (see “The Fall of the Republic”), Jane Burgermesiter, Kathy Shaidle, Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Michael Coren, David Warren, Binks the Webelf (of Free Mark Steyn blog), and so many others, who are fighting for freedom, liberty, and trying to awaken their slumbering fellow citizens to the dangerous waters we are all swimming in so to speak. Heed them. Seek them out online, spread the news they uncover, wake your countrymen.