Musings – October 2009

I have been somewhat remiss at adding to my blog due to various factors. I hope to rectify this in the coming weeks.
I had to attend a course mandated by local government, that they suppose is necessary for my job, as a part time cabbie here in my city. It was on conflict and stress resolution, safety, and legalities pertaining to it. The class was comprised, almost half, of drivers with many years of experience, and who were also fairly adept at expressing, in a no nonsense, straightforward manner, what was on their mind.
The material we were given was not half as interesting as the constant input from these drivers. I believe that the course instructor is getting an education as well.
At any rate, I was thinking of the course in relation to our everyday lives. Maybe because the cabbies are used to being in dangerous (at times) situations, having to make quick assessments, act according to those assessments, and interact with many types of people, they were less apathetic than many people in contemporary society seem to be.
As more than one of them pointed out, if everyone had common sense, used it accordingly, and also treated others as they would like to be treated in the same situation, then laws would be unnecessary, and society would function more harmoniously.
It was also pointed out, that of the types of people one encounters daily, (ie “nice people”, “not so nice people”, “people who can be either of the preceding types depending on various factors, and finally, “dingbats” or “wingnuts”), that the category of “dingbats” (whether by choice or mental affliction) were what most laws were designed to “handle or protect” (to which I would add, the “not so nice” segment are also the focus of laws, when they are the perpetrators of criminal or unacceptable behaiour).
If one were to define the words “reasonable” and “unreasonable”, in the “old fashioned” sense, they would mean capable or incapable of reason, or reasoning with. The latter, it would be argued, are the ones that most laws are addressed to, possibly because of their actions or reactions that result from their unreason-able behaviour.
We can debate forever, the many reasons contributing to unwillingness or inability to reason, (cultural, religious, stunted development, temperamental, etc) but the fact remains, that in the end one still has to deal with them, hopefully in a manner that resolves each situation favourably for all, with no legal, physical, emotional, or mental consequences of a negative nature.
Believe it or not, Christ, was a promoter of reasoning with your opponent, and coming to a mutually acceptable resolution. This should not surprise us because God created (and the bible tells us Christ co created with Him), humans with a mind inherent with reasoning capabilities.