Mid Sept 09 thoughts

I have been battling, for several weeks now, a very bad bacterial infection, named “cellulitis” in my left leg. Today (the 12th) is the day my IV comes out and I am so looking forward to it! I will still be on oral meds, but hopefully I am seeing light at the end of this tunnel.
During this time of being sidelined, I have spent some time reading, some time, watching YT (You Tube) vids, tried to somewhat keep up my Tweets on Twitter, and my posts on Facebook.
Some of the interesting materials I have been trying to digest, include,
“Atheist Delusions” by David Bentley Hart, “Lights Out -The Twilight of the West” by Mark Steyn,and “Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilisation” by Dr. Anthony Esolen. I found some common threads, including the total lack of true appreciation and understanding of what contributed to Western Civ, making it the spiritual, scientific, political, and anthropical climate that allowed the increasing of human liberty, rights, and knowledge.
No other basis, that I can see, would have caused the flourishing, of all that was held dear by our forefathers, and passed down to us, (who have largely not appreciated it to the degree it should have been), a bit like the poem “Flanders Fields” describes – “to you with failing hands we pass the torch..”.
As I scan the scope and rapid development of current events, I have to admit, that the time referred to as, “the end of days” is hurtling towards us, and many are unaware.
I am learning how successful the disinformation campaign, over the last 160 yr or so, has been at “fudging the facts” especially about Christianity’s contributions to Western Civ.
People like Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, Pullman, and the present day educational systems, including those who teach in them, at all levels, have been largely successful at reversing one of Christianity’s main contributions, ie freedom of inquiry. This is demonstrated rather well, in Ben Stein’s documentary film, “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed”.
We are seeing this same spirit, now being greatly expanded and its devotees trying to suppress dissenting voices, smear opponents characters, and generally, in summary, INCREASING THE INTOLERANCE LEADING TO TOTALITARIANISM.
Examples mentioned in the past include, the illegal detainment and harassment, of a Ron Paul organiser in St. Louis a few months back, because Fed Gov reps have been trying to cast them as “domestic terrorists” for their dissenting views, the smear campaign vs “Joe the Plumber” and Sarah Palin, for having the temerity to have values or opinions these leftists don’t approve.
Now we see, POTUS appointing reps as czars, who are basically communists (ie Van Jones for one), black racists also, or Supreme Court Justices who have their own leftist agenda (Sonia Sotermayor). All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Kudos to Glenn Beck and those, who dedicate time and resources to uncover that which only seems to bring heat down on them from the angry left (which is almost all of the left), and are being targeted in order to be silenced, even if it means ignoring the constitution, in order to conform that which emanates from the media, especially new media & Beck, to dissemination of only that which is approved by the targeters.
Jones was forced to resign, because Beck for one, totally exposed who and what, he really is. The people may be starting to wake up and realise just how much, they erred, in electing the POTUS, because they were swept up in the MSM & Hollywood propaganda that fomented the waves of Obamamania.
Canadians should relate to that. They were swept up 40 yr ago, in a similar wave, of adulation for a little known, university educated, activist, intellectual. The result was what is called “Trudeaumania” and the resultant socialism that entailed, commonly referred to as “Trudeaupia”.
Thinking back 40 yr, I have come to see that Enoch Powell, was one of the few prophetic voices, who started to tackle unpleasant ideas & issues, which caused him to be reviled by the powerful, who tried to ostracise him. Glenn Beck is in good company. Mark Steyn to a degree, is a modern day Enoch Powell.
In order to try to bring this to a temporary finale, I would sum my thoughts up, as this:
The distortion of, once appropriated, ideas by Charles Darwin, Julian Huxley, and Frederich Nietzsche, has brought us to a society of what Jonah Goldberg labelled, “Progessivism”, led by names like Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger, FDR, Georges Sorel, George Soros, Ayn Rand, LBJ, Dhimmi Carter, Bush sr and jr, and now of course BHO. I left out many because the list would be too long (ie Alinsky, Ayers, Dorhn, Rudd to name a few). As I ruminate and ponder some more, I hope to add more thoughts.