August 09 Musings 1

A friend who I have known for years, who my brother and I helped lead to Christ, was over today to talk. We had a good visit as he shared what he is learning and the issues in his life he is dealing with.
He commented that we as humans tend to get sidetracked, often, and away from the simple truth of the Word of God, and instead dwell on complicated theological concepts – whether we recognise them as such or not.I shared with him, that I could relate to his struggles, as I had experienced a lot of peaks and valleys in my walk over the last 37 years or so, and had spent more than enough time in wildernesses of my own making.
I said that even today it is still very easy for me to get swept up in current events, politically, economically, and spiritually, to the point of exclusion of listening to the Spirit of God’s voice, and praying for direction, etc.
I do not believe it’s wrong to care about our countries, the freedoms they were founded upon, the moral and ethical base they were based on too.
I don’t believe it’s necessary to withdraw to a life of minimal interaction in this world, or to live as it could be depicted, as a hermit. The Word said to be in the world but not OF the world ie the same spirit, mentality, and chicanery of the world.BUT I am realising that it’s very important to be Spirit-directed or led, and not depend on the arm of the flesh, ie the natural or carnal man.
Recently I re read Watchman Nee’s “The Normal Christian Life” and am still trying to absorb a lot of the meat therein contained, and apply it to me.
On another note, I was pleased to see that Swarna Jha, has melded all her blogs etc, into ONE and that she is once again sharing whatever the Lord leads her to.
Her blog is also at wordpress and it’s called tentsofissachar.
Tents of Issachar blog.


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