Baaaack Again

Sorry for the delay in adding new content but I have not had a lot of time lately to be doing that. At any rate, I have been thinking a lot lately about what a mess the world is in, and listening to Larry Norman’s songs, one of which uses that quip – here it is in full: “What a mess the world is in, I wonder who began it? Don’t ask me, I’m only visiting this planet”.
It’s been a year and a half approximately, since Larry departed this planet and went home to be with his Lord. While he was here, he was very controversial, and like all of us, somewhat flawed. Now, this Dave DiSabbatino dude, is putting out a pseudo-documentary, along the lines of “The Outlaw Larry Norman, Fallen Angel” or something like that, which I gather seems to focus on LN’s failings ie flaws, and mistakes.
I wonder who Dave’s life would hold up under a microscope of scrutiny? Or any of us?
A very wise man once said, in a similar context, “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Brilliant!
The legalistic religious hypocrites, thought they had Him when they asked, “The Law says that the penalty for this woman’s sins, is death by stoning, what do You say?”.
The brilliant response cut to the heart of everyting. He basically agreed that their quote of the Law was correct, and that thus the penalty correct as well. All He asked though, was that if there was a person without flaws, without sin, without having missed the Standard of God’s Law, THEN that person could cast the first stone due to his inherent righteousness.
It seems they all skulked away one by one, with no one throwing the stone. The One (not Obama), who was so qualified, turned and asked the woman, “Where are your accusers?”. When she informed him they apparently all left, HE, who was qualified to execute the judgment of the Law upon her, forgave her, and told her to go and change her present life’s direction from one of sin to one of seeking His righteousness and everything else she needed would be added unto her.
So much of today’s “news” is dominated by finger-pointing and judgmental-ism, that is NOT based upon genuine love, compassion, and concern for the eternal well being of others.
We need to refocus people by looking unto Him who is the Author and Perfecter of our faith, and let His Spirit guide us.
No I am not advocating being blind to all that’s wrong with society and the world, nor am I advocating doing nothing to try to change things, but I am advocating doing whatever is done from pure motives, a pure heart, and much prayer for guidance.


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