May musings 1

The more I learn about the prevalent disease called Progressivism, the more I want to scream at all the zombies that populate the West today, who not only are oblivious, but don’t want to know. A great primer, and encapsulator of the whole ‘disease” of Progressivism, is Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”. It covers the whole gamut from origin to present day, in all the different manifestations that it has and is, incorporated into. I thought I had enough knowledge of Rousseau, and Hegel, as I have studied them in depth. I also studied, Marx and Darwin. What I hadn’t realised is how their ideas, were incoroporated into a movement of “progressives” who are also elitists in that they think only they have the proper intelligence and knowledge to “run everything” and decide for the rest, (whom they consider unworthy of free thought and decision making powers), what they can think, do, and say. One of the more modern manifestations of course is the whole “Green Shift” types, whom I have seen referred to as “Gang Green” – an apt play on words.
A friend of mine, who has a web/rant site at Hans’ Site, said something which I will take the liberty of paraphrasing here:
Progressivism is the end of the line for anyone who truly believes that most people are born to serve as currency in the transactions of people holding political power.
That about sums it up perfectly. We are viewed as currency to be manipulated by those who desire or hold political power. They have lost sight of our equality as the US Constitiution phrased it, that we are all created equal and of equal worth therefore, in God’s sight. He doesn’t seek to impose Himself or His will upon the human race, because He gave them as Devo sang, “Freedom of Choice”.
Thus, no other institution, or government, or group of persons of any kind, has the right to determine for you or for me, how we conduct our lives, what decisions we make, and what to think, say or do.
It matters not whether you subscribe to belief vis a vis God, it doesn’t alter the truths stated above.
Thus I can find common ground to work with Libertarians, for instance, because I truly believe in Liberty. I also believe in the responsible use of that Liberty, and thus cannot sanction liberty being abused to destructive purposes. Thankfully, most of you would agree. If you choose to be a relativist, or Darwinist, or whatever, and thus decide you see nothing wrong with murder, or theft, for instance, you don’t have the liberty to commit it because others have the right to life, liberty, owning of their own property, etc. You don’t have the right to violate those.
I will add more in the coming days as I can.


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