More April 2/09

I see as I read, or watch (online), news events daily that liberty is under assault from many quarters. A fellow trying to board a plane in Missouri was detained, threatened, and harassed because he was “suspicious” to the TSA types. Turns out he was a libertarian supported and organiser for Ron Paul and had with him proceeds from the sale of books, memorabilia, etc. He was being cast by them, as a criminal, with the proceeds of drug sales, and they threatened him with arrest by the police. He stood his ground politely, and eventually as they started to walk him to a means of transportation to take him to the police or FBI, a plainclothes FBI agent walked up and whispered something to them, that caused them to let him go and catch his plane.
It seems that freedom of association, more and more, is only for those who have politically correct and acceptable beliefs. I am Canadian so I don’t have any vested interest in this (Ron Paul is an US congressman), except, that it’s sad to see a nation founded on liberty, becoming decidedly anti liberty to those who don’t conform.


4 responses to “More April 2/09

  1. I heard they were going to start doing that….but this is the first case I have heard of…..conservatives, antiabortion, opponents of illegal immigration, Christians, non-democrats, opponents of high taxes….are all considered homeland security suspects.

  2. Marianne
    those who want to establish totalitarian type control over the world’s population, whether they be NWO types, Bohemian Grover types, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, atheistic secular humanists, Gang Green (as my friend calls the extremist enviro types), or just plain socialists intent on holding power and gaining large sums of money (groups that unfortunately the new prez associates with are included in this one). So, Christians, who truly believe and live as citizens of the kingdom of heaven and not totally committed to the kingdoms of this world, are one of the target “fringe” groups too.

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