Apr 2/09

Apr 2/09
Well the year is officially a quarter over, and time is as fleeting as ever. I am re reading a Watchman Nee classic, “The Normal Christian Life” and as I do so I realise that it makes more sense to me that it did the first time over 30 yr ago.
I am still leery of man’s attempts to do things the way he perceives they should be done (as Paul would say, “in the arm of the flesh”). I guess that’s why I bear in mind while reading Nee, that he died in prison in Mao Tse Tung’s communist China, and the way he lived brought many prisoners and jailers to Christ. He lived Gal.2:20 and though he lived a simple life in many ways, his impact is still being felt around the world. He didn’t run any huge “reviva meetings” , he didn’t have his own TV show, nor did he have “miracle crusade meetings” on any scale, yet he did live in such a way as to impress all who came into contact with him, with the reality of God as expressed by Christ living in and through him. May we all aspire to do likewise.


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