Apr 21.09 The New Repressors

Of late, I have come across several disturbing news items. Firstly, a political convener, for the libertarians, was harassed, detained and threatened by the TSA at an airport in MO when he was heading home from a convention. The videos about it are on YouTube – ie the Freedom Watch show – and apparently this is just the first known implementation of Janet Napolitano’s DHS-leaked criteria for determining who may be a domestic terrorist. It’s funny that they use “terrorist” in relation to Libertarians, Christians who are leery of too much Fed Gov control, pro 2nd ammendment types, people with Ron Paul bumper stickers, etc, BUT are afraid and refuse to use that word in relation to Islamic jihadist terrorists. Next up, a Baptist pastor returning home, was roughed up and tasered by the Border Patrol run amok, power drunk imbecilic “authorities” who had no just cause to do what they did…. and after all their brutality and after all their searching and tearing everything apart, found NOTHING. Meanwhile the guy needed 11 stitches to close wounds they inflicted on his head.
Looks like the NWO is moving itself into position, getting ready for that ONE WORLD ruler guy, who they think is going to solve all the worlds problems if he just has complete control. NO, I am not a conspiracy nut, and don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the theorists decrying the NWO and the shape they think it will take, at the present time.
I am reminded of the saying “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. In the end, I believe that nothing is beyond God’s control, and we best be turning and tuning ourselves to be in sync with His purposes and will, in our lives, and the life of our nations. He has warned us as far back as 2500 yr ago, via Daniel, then later by John via the apocalyptic revelation, of the coming of this one world ruler, his repression of freedom in the name of control and peace, and that the masses of people will be deceived into slavishly following him. The time is getting riper by the day for this scenario, and we best be alert. In the meanwhile I do salute those who are trying to fight against the tide, and promote freedom, because they do have valour.


More April 2/09

I see as I read, or watch (online), news events daily that liberty is under assault from many quarters. A fellow trying to board a plane in Missouri was detained, threatened, and harassed because he was “suspicious” to the TSA types. Turns out he was a libertarian supported and organiser for Ron Paul and had with him proceeds from the sale of books, memorabilia, etc. He was being cast by them, as a criminal, with the proceeds of drug sales, and they threatened him with arrest by the police. He stood his ground politely, and eventually as they started to walk him to a means of transportation to take him to the police or FBI, a plainclothes FBI agent walked up and whispered something to them, that caused them to let him go and catch his plane.
It seems that freedom of association, more and more, is only for those who have politically correct and acceptable beliefs. I am Canadian so I don’t have any vested interest in this (Ron Paul is an US congressman), except, that it’s sad to see a nation founded on liberty, becoming decidedly anti liberty to those who don’t conform.

Apr 2/09

Apr 2/09
Well the year is officially a quarter over, and time is as fleeting as ever. I am re reading a Watchman Nee classic, “The Normal Christian Life” and as I do so I realise that it makes more sense to me that it did the first time over 30 yr ago.
I am still leery of man’s attempts to do things the way he perceives they should be done (as Paul would say, “in the arm of the flesh”). I guess that’s why I bear in mind while reading Nee, that he died in prison in Mao Tse Tung’s communist China, and the way he lived brought many prisoners and jailers to Christ. He lived Gal.2:20 and though he lived a simple life in many ways, his impact is still being felt around the world. He didn’t run any huge “reviva meetings” , he didn’t have his own TV show, nor did he have “miracle crusade meetings” on any scale, yet he did live in such a way as to impress all who came into contact with him, with the reality of God as expressed by Christ living in and through him. May we all aspire to do likewise.