Well, as we enter February of ’09, it seems like the taps sending us snow don’t want to be turned off anytime soon. I was reading a post a friend sent my email, about Welcome To Obamaland, a book by a Brit who wants to let the US know what’s down the road, based on their experience with Blair, and now Brown. I sent a comment in to it that we in Canada have been at it now for 40 years, since the dawn of Trudeamania, where the sweeping euphoria of many elected a blatant socialist, who promised to remake Canada as a JUST SOCIETY. I keep on pointing out to my fellow Canadians, that no one stopped to think “Who gets to define what “JUST” is?”. They blithely let the tide carry them wherever, and it was for the worse. Trudeau along with his finance minister at the time (a future Prime Minister, John Turner) brought in our first deficit budget, and in 16 yr of Trudeau it mushroomed like a nuclear bomb cloud. Mike Wilson, under Mulroney, managed to get the financial ship trimmed and fit in the two terms they ran things. But then along came Trudeau’s disciple, Chretien, and it wasn’t long before the deficit increased again. Yes, Paul Martin as Finance Minister, did a lot of things right, (by lifting more than one page from the conservative playbook), but they did a lot wrong too. As far as lasting damage, Trudeau as the instigator, and Chretien/Martin as the expanders, wrought a lot of negative change as well, with the creation and expansion of the Human Rights Commissions. These HRCs are being used by Muslims to limit free speech and free expression (ie in print), by atheists to persecute Christians for having “incorrect views” on subjects like homosexuality and abortion, and by any person who claims to be offended or aggrieved as long as they’re part of some politically correct or multicultural group that seeks to conform all to their image of society.
I keep trying to warn people that freedom is won at great cost, and easily lost if vigilance is not practiced and apathy sets in. A lot of it has to do with the modern preoccupation with Hedonism. I will address this more in future posts.


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