More Jan. 09 Observations

It seems that events are unfolding quite rapidly and thus hard to keep up with. The Big Owe got crowned as “The One” on Jan 20 to a huge audience of mass adulation. He immediately started to backtrack on his campaign promises (at least the few where he stated anything straightforwardly), he expanded the “homosexual agenda” and says he will repeal the De fence of Marriage Act (DOMA), and he escalated the abortion-lovers’ agenda as well. A lot of his cabinet etc, are Clinton reruns from 10 yr ago. As I have stated before in other forums, he has implied so much to so many, and fed into their wildest imaginings, that once reality sets in (ie that he isn’t going to do what they thought / hoped he was), that far from helping USA get back on the right track economically, his policies will sink it even further in an ocean of debt, then the fury of the disappointed & disaffected populace will boil over.
On the spiritual front, it seems the “filthy lucre lovers” (no it’s not a new pizza from Pizza Hut), shenanigans are getting more ridiculous as they get more brazen. Tom Weeks, Ted Haggard, Bob Larson, and others are all it seems, lacking in true awe, fear, and reverence for the Living God – and the word says it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God when He decides to clean house so to speak.


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