Reflecting on the latest pronouncements by the “Big Owe” now that he’s been crowned on inauguration day, I see that he’s already begun trying to lower expectations brought on by his campaign rhetoric, and the accompanying fanciful imaginings called “promises”. I saw in a blog online, where they demonstrated most of his policies were lifted from the book of FDR, and one knowledgeable commentator was demonstrating how instead of being a cure for the Great Depression, FDR’s policies prolonged it. I believe that the more the government intervenes in the economy, the worse mess it becomes. The government’s job as I see it is to provide an environment (economically speaking) friendly to investment, friendly to business, friendly to the free flow of trade. This is primarily accomplished by refraining from undue taxation (ie minimising taxes as much as possible for both corporations and individuals, so that business can prosper whilst individuals have income to dispose of as they see fit, for the products and / or services, they deem worthy of purchase. The reasons are several. One, is that as government is looked to more and more to regulate the affairs of the nation & the economy, they tend to over-regulate, and to “control” that which they are usurping. Once they do so, they decide they need an ever expanding bureaucracy to execute their policies, (which costs more thus more taxes), and the individual(s) cede more and more freedom (liberty) to the state.I see the evidence here in Canada, of the disastrous consequences of this, and believe I can say with certainty, that the US is embarked upon a path, contrary to the ideals of their founding fathers, and the cause of liberty.
Spiritually, the nation is teetering on bankruptcy in the realm of “true spirituality” espoused by Christ and the Word of God. Most of what passes for Christianity is a false pretense, an illusion, that has deceived many, and allowed others to become manipulators of the many.As far as the Big Owe is concerned, only God knows for sure where he stands, as he attends a church called “Christian” that in reality is closer to the KKK in love and tolerance manifested, that is also probably closer to black marxist liberation theology than biblical Christianity, plus, he was a product of a Muslim father, had a Muslim stepdad, and was enrolled in Muslim school as a child. As an adult, he’s imbibed at the fountain of Saul Alinsky, bonded with ex weatherpersons Ayers & Dohrn, been involved with crooks like Reszko, with questionable orgs like ACORN, took lots of dollars from Fannie and Freddie, and generally squelched any deep investigation of his associations and their implications.
Too many Christians have been sucked in by sideshows like what transpired at Lakeland FLA, with Todd Bentley. The numbers that are devotees of the NAR (New Apostolic Republic) proponents a la Joyner, Pierce, Jones, King, and others, and thus are being led down a path that could be combining New Age Spirituality (NAS) with dominionist designs for a New World Order (NWO) that will end up leading them into great deception, is a source of great concern to those who love the Lord Jesus, and would that none be deceived or led astray. This is playing into the hands of the secular NWO types, that people like Alex Jones and Constance Cumbey have been warning about. The Prez elect is very favourable to the NWO agenda, as is Gord Brown (UK), Tony Blair, the Pope, the leaders of most EU nations, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, and a wide assortment of others. Methinks the Beast is beginning to take shape, along with the Great Whore of Babylon.


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