January 2009

Well here we are into another new year. It seems that if anything the world situation has just got worse. We went through the meltdown of the financial sector, the election of a new-marxist Prez south of the border with many questions still unanswered. Anyone who had the temerity to question was automatically labelled racist or neo-con fascist. I agree that some on the right, like Sean Hannity, bordered on the hysterical in their frenzy of reactions to Obama’s run and the resultant win. I fear with the Gaza being a flashpont again, that with O as the incoming POTUS, that the mideast situation will not be resolved n a good way anytime soon. O is perceived as weak and venal, he’s been a part of an anti-semitic church and a racist one at that. He has unknown Muslim leanings at the least. He hung out with crooks and ex-Weatherpersons. ACORN is another of his babies, and he received tons of cash from Fannie and Freddie. Somehow the unholy troika, of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama gives me great cause for concern for the future of both USA and Canada as well.

The NWO forces and proponents are gathering steam, and only God knows if this is a final run to Armageddon, with a showdown between good and evil. The shape of the Beast is beginning to form I believe.

In my own personal journey, tho’ fraught with mistakes and failures, God brought me through the year, and is still working in my life, to draw me closer to Him and conform me more to the image of His Wonderful Son.I got booted out of a prophetic forum I frequented after being asked to moderate by the forum owner, only to get the boot after a year of membership and a week of moderating, due to over reaction to my reproval of some who presumed to judge me with their misunderstanding of what I had wrote previous. It was a blessing in disguise as it got me out of the river of NAR, which began to appear to me more clearly as deceptive and off base. I found Miriam’s blog @ and that has helped me to balance myself somewhat more than I was.

I will try to get in here more often to add content. Happy New Year all, and may God bless you.


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